Samsung Display Invests $ 325 Million

Comes a new confirmation on upcoming investments by Samsung’s Display Division, following the agreement not yet finalized but still very close, for the provision of flexible OLED displays to be used in future iPhone. According to the Korea Businesshead, Samsung Display would have already started to invest a portion of its financial resources to increase flexible OLED Panel production lines within the Tangjeong factory in the southern province ofChungcheong.

Always from various industry sources, this would be the second largest investment made by the internal division of Samsung to manufacture OLED display, an enlargement of the production facilities worth 400 billion won ($ 325,730,000) that will lead to new equipment, with all the latest technologies already available to the factory.

In this way, the production capacity is expected to double from the current 15,000 to over 30,000 units per month, after the completion of the new facility, transforming it for all purposes in the biggest chain of OLED display. The works should be completed by the end of the year, to enter for the regime from the beginning of 2017.

An investment aimed to satisfy not only the growing demand for this type of panels, but also thought to face what could be big orders from Apple for a hypothetical iPhone 7S.