Safety Tips for Your Business

Sekron Digital Recommended Some Safety Tips For Your Company, To Ensure Greater Protection To Their Heritage And To Be Able To Accompany Your Business Anywhere.

Safety Tips for Your Business

The protection of the heritage business is a concern every more frequent in people, in the end your company is who ensures the welfare of his family and who builds their heritage.! No doubt the monitoring alarms for this companies among the services most in demand in our company.

Sekron Digital cares of the most minimum detail in the installation of the equipment of the safety of its customers. With a well structured and organized solution, thinking in the most minimum details, with our company it is possible to prevent intrusions and to accompany in real time the activities of its employees in remotely via our web application, Sekron Digital Mobile.

Sekron Digital suggests that those interested in purchasing additional protection for your business that check the quality of the equipment installed at the time of making a purchase. Low-quality, poorly programmed or improperly installed equipment (mainly wireline equipment or cabled), may experience shooting asked that they end up being uncomfortable for the neighborhood and end up creating a habitually in the triggering of the alarm. To avoid this kind of mishaps for the customer of our company Sekron Digital, offer a wireless alarm system (wireless) sensors with double independent PIR (double and independent motion sensors), in other words, it is as if had two sensors of movement in a single device, making the system goes off only when both detected the intrusion.

Her lack of training of los del propio y propietario staff en el uso de los sistemas de alarmas es otra con frecuencia en las deficiency found companies of monitoring of alarms. Digital sekron cuenta con un equipo y capable of unique personal that had el entrenamiento de las personas that will be los responsables por la mantención del security system, ademas de tell y by course con el monitoring las 24 hours a los profesionales de Sekron Digital y el canal de atención directly to that client can resolve any dudad el about su producto y/o servicio.

In addition, the Digital Sekron offers preventive maintenance to its customers in order to keep the alarm system and cameras always in full working condition. In a preventive maintenance, all sensors and communications monitored alarm system is tested, revised and replaced, if necessary.

The alarm monitoring for your company is only one among several technologies that the Digital Sekron offers to your customer. To your utility with an integrated security system optimizes the company’s protection very much, anyway monitor an alarm and CCTV management into a single solution generates more information and assertiveness of operation than using separate system, in different fabrics and with procedures independent according to gametate.

Through the camera monitoring service, for example, in the case of a monitored alarm clock, our Central Cameras monitoring have access to CCTV monitored site to check in real time, with speed and reliability, the motive of the shooting (shooting images are recorded in the cloud and can be accessed at any time). The camera monitoring service complements the commercial alarm monitoring, allowing faster and more assertive action in emergency situations.

With this service, you have the convenience of still view the images from the cameras installed in your business in real time from your cell phone, smartphone or tablet computer, through Digital Mobile Sekron.

If you want to know more about the products and services we can offer to your company’s security, please contact us and book now a security analysis at no cost!

Francisco Figueiredo, a journalist and Editor for the Sekron Type l

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