Rumor: HTC to Make Google’s Nexus-Smartphones the Next Three Years

An agreement between Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and HTC must ensure the Taiwanese producer the right to produce Google’s Nexus-smartphones over the next 3 years.

Android smartphones and tablets can be found in all imaginable forms from many different manufacturers, there exists the world over.

Google also has its own product line-the so-called Nexus-series-where different manufacturers on the shift is part of a partnership with Google to produce one or more smartphones or tablets, which shows the latest version of Android forward in its pure form. It will say that Android looks like Google have intended for it-without adaptations as Samsung’s Touchwiz, LG UX, HTC Sense, etc.

Now it is reported from the website MyDrivers, that HTC has secured an exclusive agreement with Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Already draw everything already on that HTC will produce this year’s two Nexus-smartphones in conjunction with Google i/o event on 18 May to 20 may.

This agreement will ensure the HTC right to stand for the manufacture of the Google’s Nexus-smartphones in the next three years. In addition to the agreement did not immediately include tablets, there are not many more details to follow, but the rumor is particularly interesting when you take HTC’s position in the smartphone market into account.

The sales figures for HTC thalers for down in these years, and the accounts of red numbers. HTC has been particularly difficult to impress consumers with the latest top models, which have been plagued by several problems. Such an agreement with the Google Alphabet is probably therefore particularly needed.

As you know, since it is only a loose reputation, it must always be taken with a grain of salt, because the information cannot yet be verified in any way. There is therefore nothing other than to wait for a possible agreement in the House or come to one of the parties commenting on the rumor, if it turns out not to be the case.

The rumor is something contradictory in relation to the information that emerged a month ago. Here it was reported almost the opposite, that Google would scrap the hardware partners such as HTC for instead even to stand for the production of future Nexus-smartphones.