Rick Osterloh (Former CEO of Motorola) Will Be The Responsible of The New Division of Hardware Google

Rick Osterloh, former CEO of Motorola, returns to his former home, returns to Mountain View after Google sold Motorola to Lenovo more than two years ago. After leaving Lenovo a few weeks ago, Rick Osterloh returns to join the ranks of Google, and does it in style, as Senior Vice President of the new Google hardware division.

Google unifies the creation of all devices under a same hardware division where that Rick Osterloh It will be the most responsible, always supervised by Sundar Pichai, Google CEO.

The new division of Google hardware brings together the Nexus Android One, Pixel, Chromebooks, Chromecast, OnHub, ATAP, Project Ara and Glass, among other devices under one umbrella. Nest products are not covered by this new division of Google hardware because it remains an independent company Alphabet in which its CEO is still Tony Fadell.

Up to the date of the Nexus development rested with Hiroshi Lockheimer (responsible for Android), which will now focus on Android development platform and software. Rick Osterloh will now focus on negotiating with its partners to launch new devices Nexus y Android One. Maybe Google are encouraged to make their own Nexus devices.

Google just once more making their own devices is taken more seriously, rumors are running that Google wants to follow the footsteps of Apple to offer its own ecosystem of devices to its customers that would control 100% hardware and software. That would be the challenge of Rick Osterloh, put Google at the top in the sale of devices.