Review: Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma

The sound of a game is as important as your story or even your graphics. He is responsible for immersion, by putting us in the middle of the action and for making us feel like we’re in Kyrat or in Los Santos.

With that in mind, the Razer has been perfecting the formula of success of your headphones Kraken to create a product with quality above average. The result is here in the new Kraken 7.1 Chroma.
The Kraken line has evolved over the years. Started by being a simple model without a microphone and, for the next version, the Pro, has been added a microphone and the possibility of “closed” for better transportation.

Then came the 7.1 with all previous improvements and surroundsound. Now, we have the Kraken 7.1 Chroma. In terms of specifications, are exactly equal to 7.1, but with the possibility to change the lights for the color we want, between 16 million possible color.

In terms of design, has been the same since the first model. In my opinion, the plastic could be tougher. However, made no radical to test your durability and resistance, but the idea that gives the handle is that can break easily if dropped to the floor. Anyway, the headphones are to be quiet in our ears and the Kraken differentiate from other brands, because the pressure point is exactly in itself and not in the temples, as usual. This coupled with the fact that they are coated with napa and with a very soft sponge, makes them ideal for those who wear glasses not doing, so any kind of pressure on the stems.

In the headband, have the Razer logo and, at the bottom, we have a jacket made with a perforated tissue that allows the passage of air, what I mean by this is that for people who have less hair, like me, the air passes and prevents the heat from accumulating and causing discomfort along d and several hours of use.

2 meters wire is nylon coated to prevent interlaces and has on the end just a USB plug, which may not please the audiophiles. My against going to the fact that there is no volume control. Could be the cord, for greater accessibility, or even on the headphones themselves, as happens with the SteelSeries Syberia Elite. In this way, who does not have a keyboard with multimedia keys, you have to go to the options of the game or, in the worst case, directly to the operating system to control the volume.

In terms of sound quality, as I mentioned earlier, the Kraken are on another level in terms of quality. Already tested excellent headphones here on WASD, but this model stands out for your excellent insulation and comfort, two very important points for those who want to take advantage of a good sound, be it a play, a song or a movie.

When linked, provide stereo sound with great bass, but is with the Razer Synapse software that the Kraken is loose. Virtualized 7.1 surround sound, settings, customizable equalizer, anyway…we will dedicate a paragraph to ahead software.

The microphone in the headphones have a unique quality, is super sharp and does not have any type of noise for those who hear us, suggested by cancermatters. It also has a button on the end to turn off/on when necessary, with an LED indicator of the current state.

To take full advantage of the Kraken is important to install the Razer Synapse software. With him, they can calibrate the Surround, set all your sound options and even change the color of the LEDs for each of 16 million colors possible. Even better is the fact that it is possible to register the options with different profiles, when they are active, change immediately to what was previously configured. You can also assign these profiles to a game that, when opened, automatically your active profile.
It is important to inform you that on the box doesn’t say it, that this model is compatible with the PlayStation 4. However we must take warning:the surround effect doesn’t work on Sony’s console.


The Razer Kraken have a simple design but very attractive, especially with the lights on. I’m afraid the plastic used is fragile and is not very resistant to possible accidents. Also have no built-in volume controller which, at worst, implies that they will have to go to your operating system to control the volume. Outside these two points, the Kraken are earphones that I recommend to all people because the gaming experience is going to change a lot. In other words, I can even say that these headphones will be a reference for future analysis.