Researchers Estimate That Only 0.3% of Torrents are Legal

Created by then programmer Bram Cohen in April 2001, the BitTorrent protocol is one of the most efficient means of distributing a file on the network. It is used for two major social networks, Facebook and Twitter to update your pages quickly. It also serves to distribute ISOs distributions Linux and media files that may or may not infringe copyright depending on the country where it is downloaded. The proportion of illegal shared files is certainly greater than the legal files, but the?
A group of Australian researchers at the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory, the University of Ballarat, decided to undertake the task of finding this ratio. They chose 1000 files torrent at random from those contained more seeds (people sharing the entire contents of the torrent file) on certain trackers. Then manually checked the contents of files and concluded that 890 of the files contained definitely illegal, against only 3 with legal content.

Among other files, 16 were marked as ‘probably’ illegal, but could not be determined due to the name of the ambiguity with which they were marked. Other 91 were labeled as pornographic and even with an analysis deeper (!) Of the files, it was not possible to determine whether they contravened any law or not.

The results are similar to another survey conducted earlier this year by a group of American researchers at Princeton University, which found that 99% of torrent files contained material that infringed copyright.