Report Finds: Blunt Internet Gives You Stress

Slack loadtider on videos and websites are not only annoying, they cause stress and elevates the heart rate, concludes Ericsson-report.

You knew it enough already, to wait for a video or website gets downloaded finished, is trælst.

A new report confirms your suspicions: waiting for a YouTube video or website sneglet gets it done is not just annoying, it gives both stress and elevates the heart rate.

The neuro-scientific study is prepared by Ericsson and concludes that your stress levels can rise by up to 6 percent if YouTube is too long to show you the desired katte video or if the website you are looking for loader too slowly.

Worse than a horror movie

Quite blatant it gets when a video breaks in just 3 seconds during playing the stream, to load more content. That survey shows that stress levels smoking further 15 per cent in the weather. In the worst cases, smoking stress over the experienced when you are watching a horror movie or stands on the edge of an abyss.

A similar physical response was also measured when websites go from to load immediately to 10-14 seconds long loadtider.

Ericsson, a Swedish company specialized in networking solutions, points out in the report to stress the influence can rub off on the users ‘ experience of the phone company.

The so-called ‘Net Promoter Score’, a measure of customer satisfaction, can plunge from a value of 4.5 to minus 4 – indicating that users immediately will rage over the network provider when YouTube or Netflix videos is interrupted by breaks.

The study is based on 30 Danish mobile users between the ages of 18 to 52 years. The measurements are produced by measuring the test subjects brain activity (via EEG), eye movements and heart rate while they carried out various tasks on smart phones screen.