Put Malware in The Android Market Is a Kids Game. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Hate Mondays is made easier with this scorching heat. But, Hey, it is less for next Friday. Meanwhile, we leave you with other five links to the most interesting of the week in terms of mobile: Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • Meter malware in the Android Market It is child’s play, or that conclusion I arrived after the Security guys show by Default. They are not children, but — for illustrative purposes — managed to publish two applications on the Market: a mined the contacts in the phonebook of the phone and sent them to your server, the other was a Trojan that allowed you to take control of the phone. No one questioned them impediment. You have all the details on his blog.

  • Quiviger includes the most used PIN codes in a security application of iOS (the developer published). Headlining the list (take a look at the image on the cover) have the usual suspects: 1234, 0000, 2580 … certainly application was subsequently expelled from App Store about this issue.
  • As if HTC does not update Desire to Gingerbread, if yes but with limitations. Why not update already, without waiting for the Taiwan? Xataka Android recommend us five ROMs to enjoy from Gingerbread on HTC Desire.
  • Beautify your Android desktop with weather applications It is not only a thing of HTC Sense. In the free Android recommend us five remaining very well at home.
  • Xataka ON explains us how measure the speed of our mobile connection with Speedtest, a free web tool for iPhone and Android that in addition to its role in a very simple way shows a history of all the measurements that we have performed.

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