Pudding Monsters Receives New Levels in Its ‘City Tour’ Update

The developer ZeptoLab, creators of the popular game Cut the Rope, have added new levels in Pudding Monsters, your new jigsaw puzzle game starring a few nice very sticky monsters who have to unite among them due to its power of adhesion to form a single megamonstruo.

In its new update to version 1.1, available now for Android, the game receives new chapter Excursion by the city that includes 25 new levels that include a few mosaics with arrows that move the monsters in the direction marked and add the new magnetic monsters that emit a field of force to attract each other.

Pudding Monsters is an entertaining game in which we have to solve his puzzles to do join all the monsters in a single piece without getting us the table avoiding obstacles on the number of boxes of stars that are asking us for each level.

Currently already has more than 100 levels that we have to play several times to meet all of its objectives and in future updates will add more levels. Pudding Monsters has a version free with advertising and a paid version that costs 0.76 euros.

Pudding Monsters Version 1.1

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: ZeptoLab
  • Download it in: Google Play