Price Increases Continue: TDC Portends More Expensive Subscriptions

April fool? From the 1. April will it be more expensive to have a mobile subscription with TDC, Full rate and Telmore.

The 1. April, it will be more expensive to have a mobile subscription with TDC Mobile, as well as with the subsidiary companies Full rate and Telmore. It writes our site.

This means that the cheapest subscription with TDC and Full rate on two-week smoking from 99 to 109 kronor per month.

The price will this time not only soar for new customers, but existing customers will also frame with TDC and the company’s subbrands.

With Telmore is the price increase already deployed, since the company 1. March turned up the price of 25 mobile packages from 99 dollars to 109 dollars monthly. Prices of Telmores most expensive subscriptions were in the same place turned down by 10 dollars per month.

The increases would hit both private and commercial customers.


The money allegedly used to strengthen network

The higher prices are justified by the need to invest in the network. ‘ Price increases are necessary as we are still in a position to invest in the Danes ‘ internet and mobile networks. That is why we conduct these price rises per 1. April 2016.0 ‘ illuminates the TDC to

Danish Consumer Council is given there’s not much for the explanation. Consumer Council’s Chief Economist, Martin Solomon, pointing to that it is precisely the cheapest subscriptions who smokes in the weather – in a market where competing companies also have turned up for prices.

“They raise the prices for the smaller subscriptions, which cannot move to better subscriptions, because all companies previously raised prices on these subscriptions to new customers. With regard to the explanation about investments, there is something called investors. Here’s how some have TDC also, and it is not consumers ‘ task to lift investors ‘ work, “he told Berlingske Tidende

Pushing consumers over at more expensive subscriptions

Martin Solomon is pointing at the same time on a questionable development in mobile carriers a way to settle the consumption that exceeds the data packet.

“The price of the first kilobyte over the border has increased dramatically. It now costs 40-50 dollars. This has been done in order to scare people to buy larger packages, “notes Chief competition economist.

This development has been the Danish Consumer Council Think to ask competition authorities to look at the mobile market in Denmark.

TDC group is the largest in mobile and fixed telephony, as well as TV and broadband services. Today counts TDC together with its subsidiaries over two million mobile customers, of which 980,000 business customers.

Last TDC company featured a giant deficit of EUR 4.6 billion kroner.