Pre-Orders of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Is Record High

Samsung’s two top models, Galaxy and Galaxy S7 edge, S7 has got an excellent start with more pre-orders than last year’s Galaxy and Galaxy S6 S6 edge.

Samsung’s barely three weeks long campaign where you know to preorder Galaxy S7 or the curvy Galaxy S7 edge gets a free Gear VR glasses included, seems to have paid off.

Today, where the global launch in stores is taking place, and therefore makes the end presale Samsung’s Director, Jong-Kyun Shin, now status to the newspaper The Economic Times.

To the South Korean newspaper tells the Director that Samsung has come more pre-orders with smartphone giant than last year’s advance sales of Galaxy and Galaxy S6 S6 edge. He mentions nothing about how many copies it all accurately is all about.

Last year rounded the number of pre-orders after about a month of 20 million copies, and it has therefore now been released on Samsung less than three weeks. The rise in the number of pre-orders is probably a result of Samsung’s worldwide campaign, where you quite free got a Samsung Gear VR-spectacle in the bargain to a value of about 1,000 kronor according to

Samsung Denmark has also made progress on presale. Here in the Nordic region has seen an increase of over 200 Samsung% during the period with pre-orders in comparison to last year. It has been edge-variant, that has caught most buyers ‘ interest with 61% of sales in Europe.

“The demand for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge has been so overwhelming, I think, largely attributable to the fact that we have listened to our users ‘ needs in product development. For example, we have added space for extra memory cards, made the phone resistant to dust and water, and then we have increased battery life a sizable share. A good camera and a stylish design are also factors that our users have requested, so we have included in the new phones, “ says Jimmy Voss, Sales Manager for telecom with Samsung Denmark.

Sluggish sales in its home country South Korea

However, not everything is nothing but pie. In the home country South Korea is less positive reports. The newspaper Business Korea reported worse sales in South Korea compared to last year. South Koreans should according to media not be particularly impressed with the included virtual reality goggles, but the main reason lies in the fact that customers no longer prefer to pre-book smartphones.

For South Koreans, there is tremendous savings to be gained by waiting until the phones can be purchased through telecommunications companies. Price by pre-booking is typically the guideline, and it has therefore been a deal-breaker in the home country.

Samsung has underestimated demand again?

Last year they came many pre-orders on the back of Samsung, who could not keep up with the high demand, there were the two top models. This year must demand is said to be even higher, and it is, however, also better improved on this year assessed from the number, which is produced in the first few months.

In February, Samsung should thus have put 5 million. copies in manufacturing here in March produced 7.7 million. Next month the pace down a bit and get Samsung screws sent 4.5 million. copies out of factory halls. It provides an inventory of 17.2 million. copies, which is to say not immediately is enough to cover the many pre-orders of over 20 million. copies come.

There should be all the physical stores and the Web shops that from today has opened up for the normal sale of Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.