Plenti-New Telecom Company Sells Entertainment Rather Than Data

A new Danish telecommunications company has gone in the air: Plenti. Here emphasis is on entertainment, rather than data, voice or text messages.

From today on, you can draw an alternative mobile subscription with the start-up telecommunications company Plenti. The subscription will not lure with a monthly amount of GB or hours, but will instead offer a wide range of entertainment.

The company rates on a single subscription to 199 USD per month which gives access to over 60 different offers from, among others, Egmont, Aller, Tivoli, Mofibo, Ekstra Bladet and Danish newspaper Berlingske.

With the company considers it even package as a hybrid product that combines both telecommunications service and entertainment in one and the same service:

“We see not actually PHONEJUST as a telecommunications company. At least not in the traditional sense. We want instead to assemble the best entertainment services combined with a mobile subscription, where voice, data and sms are included. So is it connect with unfortunate surprises and concerns about mobile Bill-Plenti will set a new agenda for mobile telephony and digital content, “says Director of Plenti Peter Mægbæk in a press release.

What do you get with Plenti

The mainstay of Plenti-package is a subscription that offers free SMS, talk time and data. The data packet is limited to 5 GB monthly traffic hotspot. Plenti avails itself of telecommunications company 3 ‘s network.

The package provides unlimited access to a number of offers from magazines, news, E-books, audiobooks and Tivoli-entrance fee. Below you can see what a Plenti subscription comprises:

  • News from Berlingske – get news from and
  • Magazines from Egmont – Get app Flipp and enjoy among other Donald Duck, Home, Euroman, eurowoman, Fit Living, beetle Bailey, ALL Interior, Goal, Olivia, Wendy, EVERYTHING for ladies, Gastro and Here & Now
  • Magazines from Aller – Installer App Pling to get pleasure from, among other things, Femina, watch and listen, Q, We Young, Marie Ideas, CyclingPlanet, all about the garden, Isabella’s, Psychology, IN, COOKIE, as well as Food & Housing
  • Esktra Blade EXTRA -Get access to premium content from
  • Mofibo – Get audio and e-books from Mofibos library of thousands of titles.
  • Free entrance in Tivoli – getting free into the Tivoli and discover the many rides, concerts and events.


Experienced forces behind

These are two veterans of the Danish telecommunications and entrepreneurial industry, who are the founders behind Plenti.

Director Peter Mægbæk founded in his time Full rate, while co-founder Morten Strunge is the man behind Onfone as TDC for a three-ciffret bought in millions and since dissolved in 2013.