Pimp Your Iphone

The cult of the iPhone means: more and more manufacturers and developers offer funny or useful accessories and handy software tools for the Apple phone. We show how you put the finishing touches to your iPhone.

Pimp Your Iphone

The iPhone is mobile benchmark not only for many Apple supporters. No wonder, never dealing with a cell phone was so convenient: simply surf the Web, browse images, albums, and songs, à la listen to iPod music, videos, virtual keyboard write fleet texts–all this is possible with the iPhone.

And so a veritable industry has arisen around the one year-old Apple phone in the meantime. Sleeves, Halter, additional batteries, GPS mice and so on and so forth: you also need to Motz on your iPhone-somewhere you will definitely find it.

Gun Holster and iTunes alternatives
Owner of cracked phones can also use thousands of software tools, which they download for free directly on the iPhone according to Sportsqna. And also for iTunes now good alternatives exist. On the following pages we introduce each the three best hard – and software gimmicks for the iPhone. And in the comprehensive Photo Gallery, you will find a complete (Apple) basket full of useful software and hardware accessories.

The Best Hardware For The Iphone

Neat bass, stylish protection or martial Halter à la Dirty Harry: you attract with your iPhone this accessory guarantees fuss. We will show you three cool hardware gimmicks for the iPhone, you can find more gadgets in the photo gallery.

Mobile high!
With the Koffski set you can take loose on thick armpit.The practical cell phone Holster comes in best Chicago gangster style and offers not only cell phones like the iPhone space. Also a leather wallet can be found in the strap-on bag.

But beware: Especially for police checks you should be careful, if you dig papers from the Holster or mobile. It could be easily misunderstood. The set is however not very cheap. Almost 350 euros plus again nearly 100 euros in the shoulder Holster incurred during the money transfer. See the photo gallery for more information.

Mirror, mirror…
The iPhone from Apple is already chic without accessories, but also prone to scratches and dirt. This issue of the iShield mirror takes care. The stylish protective case takes on the complete iPhone and looks too damn good.

Transparent hard plastic enclosure to release all connections and offers a neat mirror effect in an inactive display. The display protection impaired according to provider not the function and operation of the touch screen. The protection costs about 20 euro. See the photo gallery for more information.

Ruckus guaranteed
Admittedly, with the WINZ speaker in the iPhone can be not much. Systems for a party with music, the beer garden party sounds listening? Nil! Here, the ‘Boom box’ by GEAR4 bass station comes into play. The sound block brings neatly with its built-in 12 cm subwoofer sound pressure on the eardrum.

Whether it’s iPod or iPhone: the boom box works with all Apple devices. But there’s a catch: you should already have a power line at the scene, because the boom box can unfortunately not back access to battery power.You get the riot chest from 115 euros. See the photo gallery for more information.

The Best Software For The Iphone

Forget iTunes! For the heavily regulated sync platform, there is already free and considerably more liberal replacement in conjunction with the iPhone.We introduce three especially useful programs here. Additional tools and BB´s in the photo gallery are all download links.

iPhone PC Suite
With the free tool iPhone PC Suite, you can copy data on the iPhone itself, and unlike iTunes back on the PC.The iPhone PC Suite is a communication interface between Windows PC and Apple iPhone, which allows not only traffic, but also direct access to the cell phone stored songs, SMS messages, contacts, call logs, dates, ringtones and Photos.

The integrated backup/restore feature allows any number of times to secure their mobile iPhone owners to restore it in case of emergency. This is useful especially when you play a new firmware versions on cracked iPhones.

The free tool Mojo gives iPhone, or iPod users in conjunction with iTunes access to playlists and iTunes libraries from friends or acquaintances. The highlight: The songs of friends can be not only played, but also in the own song lists loaded and saved locally on the computer or on the iPhone.

Via iTunes store purchased title, or song, which are already in the library are, are marked by Mojo in the displayed friend’s library. Songs downloaded from friends can be found automatically in your iTunes library. Mojo is available for Mac and Windows.

Moo-cow-music: Band
Almost every day there are new apps for the iPhone. A particularly funny is by Moo-Cow.Music “Band”. Band is a collection of various instruments applications. Thus, you can play several instruments in addition to frenetic audience screams, mix, and save them as your own piece of music.

With tape, you can yourself to compose pieces of music and save. You will find the band as directly installable application in installer on cracked iPhones. You can also easily add instruments packs the program installer. Browse, select, and install all apps after “Instrument”. Piano about Bongos to the drums, so far, there are about 20 instruments for band.