PhotoViva, Converts Your Photographs into Works of Art on Your Android

There are many applications for Android that allow us to apply our photographs artistic filters to make them look hand made paintings, but to be an automatic process many times we fail to achieve the desired result.

PhotoViva Android is a powerful application that allows us to transform your photographs into works of art Thanks to your photos with paint-free editor. Here we are those who have to hand paint the picture to achieve the finish that we like.

In how the application works is very simple. You only have to open the photo that you want to edit and with your brush tools paint on the canvas with brushstrokes to convert the picture in a picture painted in oil.

PhotoViva It has various types of strokes that can follow the direction of our strokes or set a fixed address and thickness. We can also crop the image, adjust colors, brightness, contrast, saturation and several more parameters.

PhotoViva It has two versions on Google Play. The free version only has 10 types of brushes and a resolution available for saving images, and the paid version at the price of 3.11 euros, which has 20 types of brush, HDR effect and liquefy, and four resolutions for saving images.

PhotoViva Version 2.16

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Blade Design
  • Download it in: Google Play