Overview: Samsung S7 Price and Photos, Apple in Service-Storm

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

This year’s big mobile exhibition, MWC in Barcelona, is approaching rapidly and result in an avalanche of leakage prior to launches of new topmobiler from Samsung, LG and Sony, among others.

Below you can see the main MWC-related news:

Samsung Galaxy S7: Prices and date for pre-order now out
A new rumor reveals prices on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as well as the date when you can pre-order them. Samsung will be ready with a hot deal.

New pictures of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge reveals three colors
Contemporary press photos of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge reveals that it comes in three different colors: Black, silver and gold.

New Samsung S7 info: screen turns off never
For the first time are images of physical copies of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge let out, and sure enough, do they look like 3D-drawings have long shown.

LG Launches smart G5 accessories-before G5
LG’s awaited G5-topmobil is not out yet, but it does not prevent LG to launch accessories for it.

Techgiganten Apple, however, is nowhere to be found at this year’s MWC, but nevertheless pulls headlines due to a tight service policy and a newly discovered bug in iOS.

Apple confirms: iPhones are locked by unauthorized repairs
Error 53: an unauthorized repair can make your iPhone unusable-and it is quite deliberately from Apple’s hand

Apple hit by mass action after “error 53”-affected iPhones
Apple sued for knowingly making iPhone 6s and 6s Plus useless with the so-called “error 53” that can occur after, among other things. Touch ID sensor replaced.

Your iPhone will be useless if you turn the clock back in iOS
A bug in iOS for iPhone 5s and newer makes that you can neither turn on or restore your iPhone, if you put the date in the settings back to 1970.