Ono and Vodafone Customers Finally Will Have an Invoice Unified with All Services

Operations of purchase between operators are never simple. They have passed nearly two and a half years since Vodafone announced that it had reached an agreement with the shareholders of ONO to become with the Millicom, and after the relevant authorizations the British operator already has completely integrated the old company’s offering in its bosom. Yet they still have a pending task: unify ancient ONO customers bills.

For this purpose Vodafone planned the corporate merger of Vodafone Spain and Vodafone-ONO, but found that such operation would lead you to a considerable rise in the payment of tax by the rate applied by Madrid and other municipalities. Paralyzed that option, Vodafone already has a new solution to be able to carry out that unification of invoices, with the creation of Vodafone services.

The trouble will soon end for former customers of ONO. Those who had their connection with the Millicom receive since the company passed into the hands of Vodafone two invoices: one for fixed services and another for mobile lines (if they had them). Plan to end this double bill was to merge both companies, but that It would have led to Vodafone to pay 10 times more taxes for a local assessment established in Madrid and other cities, which is calculated on the basis of deployed fixed networks and mobile operator customers.

The solution was not to another rather than the create a third company, Vodafone services, which will be in charge of billing. As soon as it is running, all Vodafone customers will receive a single invoice to be paid to Vodafone services, where you can see all the concepts. A masterstroke of the operator for on the one hand, not one tax, and on the other to achieve greater satisfaction with customers.