Online Collective Buying is Absolute Success in Brazil

Have you done any collective purchase in your life? The idea of e-commerce with such trading began in the United States, and since arriving in Brazil is absolute success. Data of Serasa, the one company that blocks or not their access to credit, show that the growth of sites that segment was exorbitant: 13,000% since April this year.

Collective Buying is the process of committing to pay for a particular offer, which is certainly below the normal price. However, for the business to be effectively implemented, it is necessary that a minimum number of people also commit. For example, a DVD of Ivete Sangalo (Poeeeira!) That costs R $ 50 could go for $ 25 into a collective purchase, provided that 100 people agree to participate in the business.

The leader of the segment is the Urban Club. This service was launched by Brazilian businessmen, but then was acquired by Groupon, the main site of its kind in the United States. The Urban Club has more than double the visits of the second place, the Urban Fish. It is still the 4th. most visited site among all those of online retail.

It is estimated that more than R $ 300 million to be moved only in 2010 by site sales collective. An unquestionable success.