Oneplus 3T 128 GB (Mobile)

Conclusion Of The 28.11.2016

OnePlus delivers his next strong price performance package of top Smartphone class with 3 T. Place one although not enough, yet mixes this model the top 5 of our leaderboard on. Here, the Chinese manufacturer has used just a few tweaks to make the top predecessor, the OnePlus 3, even better. At the same time, the new edition maintains old strengths like the cell phone camera. Our test proves it.

OnePlus torpedoed again the expensive top phones from Samsung, Apple, Google, Huawei & co.. For the 64-GByte version of the OnePlus 3T you will pay just 439 euros without a contract, available in metallic-grey (“gunmetal”) and matte gold (“solid gold”). We have received variant the 128 GBytes-for 479 euros, also excluding storage expansion, the gunmetal model to the test. However you can use the 3T-Handys as the Predecessorat the prices the OnePlus shop page order. Well by the OnePlus: they no longer live on even when the OnePlus 3T let the invitation frippery. So, you can buy the phone, like his predecessors, without invitation.

More Power, But With Android 6

The OnePlus 3T replaces the 3 series model, reported by Theinternetfaqs. It is a tad bit slimmer, the uni-body aluminum is still very clean and lies perfectly in the hand. Only the protruding camera disturbs us as usual. But before that, also an Apple iPhone is not immune. The intense color AMOLED display comes again in a 5.5-inch format and resolves “only” in full HD.The light display but therefore not at all grainy effect. But with the more modern QHD resolution’s would be surely a step closer the number one position in our mobile leaderboard. Has been saddled with the processor: so the new high-end processor Snapdragon Qualcomm 821 in the 3T instead of the already powerful 820er CPU works.So far, there are only a few smartphones where already the Snapdragon 821 is the Pixel-phones by Google. For the timing of the Vierkerners in the 3T’s 2.35 GHz. This is an announcement – and in the day: the pace of work is great. Our test unit ran very smoothly and quickly.

A more powerful memory 6 GB to the side is the powerful processor like at the OnePlus 3 about great games on your Smartphone smoothly to gamble. That worked just fine in the test. Incomprehensible to us, however: why is the OnePlus shipped 3 tons with Android 6 (plus OxygenOS)? The current version of the OS Android 7 would already be attached to the launch. We are excited to see when the update will be delivered to. For the predecessor, the manufacturer has pledged the update yet for this year.

Fit For Larger Selfies

The mobile cameras in OnePlus 3T everything as before remains on the one hand, on the other hand has been tuned. So a 16-Megapixel rear camera with Sony sensor, inside the new edition also provides the identical results: great test results in daylight and good, if slightly too bright lab shots in low light. The single LED on the back brings light in the dark, but not always to 100 percent. The wide range of camera equipment releases the overall performance of the camera (optical image stabiliser, RAW photos, 4K-Videos, manual mode) to 100 per cent. The larger front camera also contributes to this. So, the Selfie camera in the 3 T-large photos take photos now proud 16 instead of 8 mega pixels.But honestly asked: Who needs a so high resolution front-facing camera? Slightly sharper shots were there dear – us and you missed us in the test.

Filed On The Battery

For more stamina, OnePlus has installed a 3,400 mAh powerful battery in the 3 T. That is in our online runtime test noticeable: the power cell 8:40 hours, about one and a half hours longer than the 3,000 mAh battery in the OnePlus 3. better us, however, kept as in the previous fleet charging time of 1:43 hours dropped. The Schnelladefunktion with the appropriate charging cable included again fulfils its task very well. All further remains the same: with LTE-Cat6 technique 3T for faster online connections that is ready to go. It offers slots for two Nano-SIM cards. The USB type C-interface OnePlus is also here on the transmission standard 2.0 and not the faster 3.0 technology.

No Phone Without Appropriate Tariff

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