OnePlus 2 Smartphone

There is hardly a smartphone with better value for money than the OnePlus 2. It is luxuriously furnished and with 64 gigabytes of memory, it just costs €400. However, there’s a catch: you can’t buy it.

Over 4.5 million people have to sit already on the waiting list to get an invitation, which allows them to buy the OnePlus 2. Even if ultimately not all buy the device, is already clear that the Chinese “flagship killer” will significantly exceed the success of its predecessor. This is sure one of the clever marketing of the company, as well as the almost unbeatable price-performance ratio of the OnePlus one that offered a top smartphone hardware at its premiere last year for 300 euro. Whether the Chinese when the successor could throw even a shovel, we have tested.

The design of the OnePlus 2 is simple, but quite appealing. A metal frame, a bulbous back and the relatively high weight of 175 grams it feels similar to the nexus 6 extremely solid where the processing is top notch. In the standard version, the smartphone has a plastic back with tough, rubberized surface. Thus, it is extremely safe and very pleasant in the hand. If you want receives other shells, for example, from bamboo at an extra cost of around 26 euros. There is a place for microSD cards in the OnePlus 2 does not, the battery is firmly installed. For this, users can use parallel two SIM cards. Practical: a slide switch with which the user between the three types of notification can choose sits on the left side in the frame. Odd, but not tragic: OnePlus has waived the NFC.

Full HD Is More Economical

The 5.5-inch LCD offers as opposed to Samsung’s Galaxy S6, only a full-HD resolution – a sharper screen would have done considerably more expensive the OnePlus 2 LG G4 and other smartphone bolides and shortens the service life, without according to great advantages to offer. A pixel density of 401 ppi is however totally sufficient and the screen protected by Gorilla glass 4 can score in other areas: it is very bright, of course represents colors and is still legible from the side.

Below the screen, the OnePlus 2 has a fingerprint sensor. He is a home button at the same time, but no physical button, as with Samsung’s Galaxy devices. The sensor works very reliably and unlocks the device quickly, no matter what angle the finger is applied. This works also with disabled screen in one go. Users can save up to five prints, but assign no special functions to individual fingers.However, this is possible for a long touching of the sensor. Here among other things start, the camera, the Google-now replacement shelf or the search is started. Speaking of shelf: OnePlus the own, based on Android 5.1 OxygenOS installed on the device. The differences between Google’s pure operating system are only marginal.

Great Pictures, Hot Chip

The 13-megapixel camera on the back of one of the best which are currently found in smartphones. The laser focus working smart and the optical image stabilizer helps effectively in lower light or other shaky situations. Photos are natural colors, strong contrasts and fine illumination. In videos, the camera in the test has made a great impression. The slow motion pictures in HD resolution at 120 frames per second look smooth and if you want, can rotate with the Smartphone also very respectable 4K-Filme.

High-definition videos, the recording time on 10 minutes but is limited because Qualcomm’s 810 in the version adapted for the OnePlus 2 under maximum load overheats processor Snapdragon, which is clearly noticeable especially on camera height to the metal frame. Therefore regulates the Qualcomm graphically complex games or other strenuous tasks down and reduce its efficiency. The user does not notice this in everyday life, actually can be recognized it only weaker benchmark results that are excellent at cool processor. As well, usually, owner of a device with 64 gigabytes of Flash memory was feeling none of the available 4 GB memory. But should not the around 60 euros cheaper version with a completely sufficient 3 gigabytes of RAM be accessed, because then the internal memory with 16 gigabytes is much too small.

Special Cable

Also, the hotheaded processor charged not the mileage. With a capacity of 3300 mAh battery takes the OnePlus 2 loose throughout the day, with moderate use, two days are in there sometimes. Goes the juice running out, you should definitely have the supplied phone cable to the hand. Because the OnePlus 2 has a USB interface C that is not compatible with conventional micro USB stripping.

The bottom line, the OnePlus 2 for 400 euros is although not a bargain as its predecessor, which was cheaper at the start of the sale 100 euro. But the value for money is still great and seen the Chinese smartphone could be as a “flagship killer” claimed by the company, in fact. A brake is an invitation system and the sale of the own shop but the marketing about. Thus, OnePlus although saves a lot of money, what is likely to have a significant share of the low price. It discourages but also potential buyers and leaves cold many subscribers of mobile operators.