Off in the Network

By the T-Mobile Ameo to the Nokia N95 8 GB: we show you the ten best mobile phones for mobile Internet access.

What was rather a short time ago frustration instead of lust, is a standard application for modern mobile phones thanks to new technologies and advances in the operation today.Especially since data thanks to UMTS and HSDPA very fast on the mobile network can be sent, the surfing on the mobile phone is often really fun.

Is you will soon acquire a new cell phone in the House and you want to use in the future mobile data services, you must pay special attention on some criteria.

You should note that:
It is mainly on the size of the display. So, the phone should have at least a display area of 40 x 35 millimetres. Smaller ads, the deciphering of sites is often very exhausting. Also important: the data performance important. Here the facilities should include at least UMTS, HSDPA even better or a built-in Wi-Fi receiver. Only websites are built too fast.

Equally important is the installed browser, its operation and appearance options. For example, make sure that you can navigate by mouse, touchscreen or via sensor field.We show ordered by the current price ten phones with particularly successful Internet functionality you in our photo gallery.