Now Supports 3 Voice and SMS over Wi-Fi

Are you a Telecom customer with 3, you can now call and Texting over the wireless network and get rid of the weak cell coverage.

Have your local cell tower hard to reach your smartphone? So, you can look forward to 3 ‘s new Wi-Fi calling feature.

From today, customers of telecommunications company 3, namely make use of Wi-Fi Calling that completely bypasses mobile network restrictions and instead takes advantage of your wireless network for calls and SMS messages.

Thus will be 3 the first Danish telecommunications company to take advantage of the feature, which today can be used on newly updated iPhones.

There has long been great interest in Wi-Fi calls, and we are therefore proud to be the first in Denmark, which can offer. In one fell swoop, we can ensure that our customers get a good connection, even if they, for example, are located in buildings that slows cell signal. Many newly-built houses and office buildings is so well insulated that the mobile signal is hard to penetrate. The issue has sweeps we now of course,“says Jesper L. Wagner, VP of Business Development at 3.

Rollout of Wi-Fi calls will occur gradually over the next few days. Today will be private and business subscribers with Free Speech 20 GB and 40 GB packages first, while the other subscribers can take advantage of the feature from the 29. March.

How do I get started with Wi-Fi calls

In the first place is the only Apple’s smartphones from iPhones 5 c and above who gets the function. To turn it on on your iPhone, you must first install the latest iOS 9.3 and then follow these steps:

  1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone and select the tab “Phone”
  2. Select the menu item “Wi-Fi calls” to access these settings
  3. Click on the button at the menu item “Wi-Fi calls” to activate the service
  4. When you are in an area with Wi-Fi coverage and a weak cell signal, so the phone will automatically choose to liquidate your conversations and send your SMS messages via Wi-Fi

You should also be aware that you must stay within the wi-fi network’s range throughout the call. You lose touch with your Wi-Fi network will be disconnected from the call.

Are you out and travel, you can also do not make use of the Wi-Fi calling with 3, as so far only supports function in Denmark. Instead, it offers 3 their 3LikeHome package which provides free data in 28 countries.

3 informs our site that other toptelefoner as Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia Z5 also will get the function, but that these need to be updated before Wi-Fi calls can be made.