Nokia World, The Great Showcase of Nokia, The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

It ended the week, and with its end, comes also our regular review to Spotlight Panorama of mobile telephony. And, if there has been some highlighted this week, certainly that has been the Nokia World 2010 in London, location up to where our colleague moved Matias.

HTC and LG. they have also given talk this week, and it is that also they have presented four new Android smartphones, one of them the footballer substitute for the HTC Desire. Nokia on the other hand has presented the new system Symbian ^ 3 and four new terminals, aside from the familiar Nokia N8. There has also been news about WebOS 2.0, HTC Sense, Meego… Let’s do a review of The best of the week on Engadget Mobile.

HTC renews his Desire range and LG Launches a so-called Optimus

Starting with innovations in terminals, we look at the significant week of HTC, has presented a couple of terminals that are the famous HTC Desire to substitute, both will appear in October. On the one hand we have the HTC Desire Z, a redesigned Desire that incorporates a sliding physical keyboard, among other many new features compared to the original. On the other hand we have that would be the substitute actual Desire, it’s the HTC Desire HD, it would be something like HTC HD2 with Android.

LG has also finally introduced the “Optimus” range, which is composed of the LG Optimus Chic, the terminal terminals most complete both and LG Optimus One, an Android for the general public. By HTC also know more HTC trophy, a competitor to the BlackBerry, but with Windows Phone 7 system. We also have new data on the T-Mobile myTouch HD, an “updated” version and with dual core processor What would be a HTC Magic in Spain.

Nokia World 2010, an event with sweet and sour surprises

With respect to the big event of the week, the Nokia World, where, by the way, we’ve had direct presence thanks to our partner Matthias S. Zavia, We have had both presentations of terminals, systems, and other curious information.

Regarding Nokia devices It has introduced four new models as the Nokia C3, and, on the other hand, Nokia C6, Nokia C7 and Nokia E7. He has declared that he intends to go ahead with the Symbian platform, not in vain, has presented what will be the new generation of this operating system, Symbian ^ 3. Nokia has also wanted us to show how to use a television with the Nokia N8 touch way. We also learned, just one day before the start of the Nokia World, and just after the recent change of CEO of the company, coming from Microsoft, that Anssi Vanjoki, one of the Vice-Presidents the company, he resigned.

Cockpit of LG and Meego change drivers to enhance their struggle within the realm of Smartphones

Respect to News from the companies in the sector, We begin with the news of the resignation of another CEO, but in this case it’s the CEO of LG. Other ads that the Nokia World lets us indirectly is the arrival of Peter Skillman Meego team from Palm. It has heard also that Windows Phone 7 is only will be shown this year on GSM networks, a fact that a priori not the Spanish worried about us, but it is us curious. We also know the intentions of the video game company Electronic Arts launch games for the Android platform.

WebOS 2.0 and HTC Sense for Windows Phone 7 overlook over the network so that we may know them a little better

In the section updates, comment that HTC has declared that its Android terminals with the new version of Android 2.2 Froyo will have the new HTC Sense. Sony Ericsson, on the other hand, commented that his family Xperia will feature Android 2.1 system Eclair, but did not mention anything on Froyo.

Now leaks about operating systems, We see WebOS 2.0 has been seen on video, as well as a possible HTC Sense designed for Windows Phone 7. Another interesting fact that leaves us the week, is of that Android users more updated their terminals iPhone users. As a curiosity, we remind you that, if the predictions himself, today all terminals would lead Windows Mobile operating system.

Finally, Google Voice has appeared this week on iPhone, as well as version 1.1 of Windows Live Messenger. We have also been able to see that Foursquare is coming to Symbian, and checked Thanks to a video.

40 Mobile launches the career of the juvenile OMV

In the field of the national operators, the birth of 40 mobile, we know that dissociates itself from Orange to face the future mobile Tuenti based multiple rates and free Internet. Movistar has announced prices for the newly announced Nokia C6. The Ministry of industry, finally, has also left us some data that call us especially, it is related to the deterioration in the quality of mobile telephony.

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  • Android 2.1 will come to the family Xperia with interesting improvements, but nothing Froyo
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And here comes the highlights of the weekly news, It’s thought you intense?