Nokia N9, Good Games on WP7, Statistics of The CMT. The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

We left behind another quiet week, but with News from all sides. The little news that he has crowned the week, excite readers more than any other, is the launch in the final version of Adobe Flash 10.1 Android Market.

We leave you with this and other developments in the best of the week in Engadget Mobile, While we are still approaching September month chosen by several companies to show their cards for the next game.

Leak of the week

It would not be more call Leak of the week This weekly section temporarily by the streak that we carry this summer. It was not least this week by several brands.

Firstly, the first images of the Nokia N9, or Macbook Pro done phone — as call you out there. A smartphone of aluminum, very attractive and we look forward to equally powerful, which apparently Pagani MeeGo (although this is not as clear).

Another company that makes us the long teeth is Palm, with its RoadRunner HD, a possible phone with webOS 2.0 and a resolution of 960 × 640 pixels. Already out you competitors to the iPhone 4 and its Retina Display.

A RIM you have been leaked a couple of internal documents with information from two new terminals: on the one hand, BlackBerry Bold R020, possible successor to the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Blackberry OS 6.0 with best performance; on the other hand, the specifications of BlackBerry Clamshell 9670 Oxford, shell format with very reduced dimensions.

We just know two of the first Windows Phone 7 you will have AT & T and we do not know if they will leave United States: LG C900 and Samsung Cetus i917.

HTC nor is it saved this week, but we don’t know if call filtering see more of near two terminals quite known: T-Mobile G2 Vision, and Motorola Charm aka for the first time on video.

The CMT on operators data

Our colleague Plokiko returns to summarize us the statistics on high and portability of operators. Firstly a review of June, where Movistar continues capturing more lines than any other, and secondly a review of the results from June 2009 to June 2010.

In the last 12 months, Movistar won 145 thousand more lines, 11 thousand, thousand 611 Yoigo Vodafone and the OMVs 508 thousand. Only Orange loses presence. The market continues to grow.

The most interesting in terms of operators this week: Simyo apply the 300 MB free forever in their rate of 5 cents.

Repertoire of good games on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has taken seriously the games for Windows Phone 7, and the system will debut with a repertoire of no more nor less than 63 games, coming from developers and distributors leading Gameloft, PopCap, Konami, Namco Bandai, and Glu Mobile.

An appetizer should be take a look at the complete list and see promotional videos and that the guys at Engadget have recorded.

The news more valued by readers

  • Adobe Flash 10.1 beta leaves for Nexus One with performance improvements
  • (Sexy) is the Nokia N9 with Meego
  • Games on Windows Phone 7: Microsoft gets serious
  • Nokia X 3-02, adding touch screen to a conventional phone
  • Payments through PayPal coming soon to Android Market