Nokia Lumia 920: Tried Top Cell Phone with Windows Phone8

At the presentation of the Lumia 920 in New York, Nokia has provided some highlights. It is highly competitive with a class camera, a great touch screen, a top CPU and the revised OS Windows phone 8 (WP8).

Little Room For The Hands-On

In the subsequent Hands-On much but no longer remained of all this confidence. Is what but not on the Smartphone, but the possibilities: because a real test of the top model Nokia has not allowed. Only on the home screen, we were allowed to wipe slightly up and down. We want to not deprive yet our impressions to you.

Very High Quality WP8 Smartphone

Fundamentally, the Lumia 920 has a high-quality feel. It is despite his 4.5 inch large touch screens nicely in your hand. The design itself clearly distinguishes itself from the Android and Apple competition. And also the new display at the Lumia 920 seems at first glance extremely sharp and color-strong-even under bright light remained the screen easy to read. The first integrated technology PureMotion HD + with IPS of WXGA (1,280 x 768 pixels resolution) is ensured according to Nokia. Also scrolling through the menus and function lists works smoother and fixer. But as I said we were allowed to stay only on the home screen. He ran after after all pretty clean from the top down and back again.Certainly the dual-core processor clocked at Lumia 920 on 1.5 GHz helps Snapdragon S4. The Qualcomm CPU has us already at the HTC one Sconvinced. The tile sizes to change also the WP8 innovation, worked well.

Camera with BSI sensor & image stabilizer

We have, therefore not much seen by Windows phone 8 in.A closer look at the PureView camera was denied. There remain only manufacturer facts to report.

The PureView cam installed in the Lumia 920 8.7-megapixel resolution is not the PureView implementation of 41-mega pixel camera in the Nokia 808. Nokia speaks at his WP8 novelty of “PureView phase 2”. Here, the focus of the Finns on a good image quality is in low light conditions. The camera of the Lumia 920 offers although not so huge photo sensor as in the 808. A large aperture and the BSI (back Side Illuminated) sensor backlit to ensure but for a large light output, just with little ambient light. Also, the optical image stabilizer with its flexibly mounted lenses allowed longer exposure times, unless the image is equally blurred. And at video shoot the image stabilizer to help full-HD digital camcorders to quiet recordings. So far, the practical impressions we must waiting for the theory.

Mark Start Of 2012

Nokia has been still no details about availability and prices of the Lumia 920 cell phone out. Also to whether the LTE version of the Smart phone on the German market also comes in addition to the design with HSDPA +: no comment. Only, that the phone for 2012 is planned. We expect the Lumia 920 early November to undergo a detailed test of novelty with its supposedly excellent camera.