Nintendo Makes Impressive Intog in the App World in Japan

The iconic video game company Nintendo has finally embarked on making apps, but this is not a game in the first place

Mario, Link, Kirby, and all the other familiar characters from Nintendo were some of what fans had hoped for, since Nintendo launched its first app for smartphones. It had not, but the app has been a great success in Japan, where 100 million users have signed up to three days.

Instead of making a game, it was a message-app by the name of Miitomo, where you as a user can create an avatar that looks like you. The style is continued from the avatars from Nintendo’s Wii games, and the app is free. It may, however, so far only available in Japan-something that only makes the 100 million users even more impressive.

According to Miitomos Twitter profile has been out and boast of the good start, and it must make more heat on Nintendo to also launch a game for smartphones.

Nintendo-boss Tatsumi Kimishima, fortunately, has stated that the next app from Nintendo will not be an kommunikationsapp, and that it will include some of the well-known characters from the Nintendo universe.

Then it’s only to look with længelse against the Sun’s Rich with nostalgia in the eyes, until Nintendo is ready with an app, where we all can play with the classic characters again.