Nexus Two, Manufactured by Samsung. The Best of The Week in Xatakamovil

We leave behind a very full week, starring the news of a Nexus Two manufactured by Samsung, the expected successor to the first Google phone. Although the search engine company said that they would not make an own phone, rumors have rekindled pointing to Christmas. It exists, and they have described it to us as a twin brother of the Samsung Galaxy S.

You summarize the best of the week in Xatakamovil for the different areas that interest us: manufacturers and terminals, systems and applications, and operators.

Terminals: are we Facebook phone?

This has been a week of rumors regarding what to terminals, led by the strange case of the Nexus Two. The other protagonist has been the Facebook phone, that it could be presented Wednesday that comes in a special event. We had already heard rumors of the own smartphone, whose development would be involved INQ Mobile and Google, through Android.

Samsung It also has something to say, a week later. They will present a new Android device. They can refer simply to the Samsung Galaxy Tab (and present it for the first time in the United States) or to a new phone, such as the Samsung Continumm with Gingerbread.

HTC Mecha, that Android Gingerbread may also have one that leaked unintentionally was. Which Yes has been officially has been the Blackberry Bold 9780 with Blackberry OS 6, which will be available in November.

In another order of things, we have analyzed the LG Optimus One, a smartphone of high performance and reduced flying with Android 2.2 factory.

Software: MeeGo 1.1 on Nokia N900

The operating system of the week has been MeeGo, as Nokia N900 users can already play with version 1.1 in dual boot. Beyond that, Nokia wants to be the system in 2011, at least between their high-end smartphones, a movement that is part of the new strategy of the Finnish giant has detailed Niklas Savander.

And Android is never satisfied owners. This week the Android Market has exceeded 100000 applications and we have discovered that Gingerbread and Honeycomb already surfing the web. In addition, the family Xperia X 10 starts to upgrade to Android 2.1.

On the other hand, an old acquaintance is not dead nor of clubbing: Flash 10.1 will reach almost all systems, in many cases sharing House with HTML5. At the Adobe Max Conference have known that HP webOS 2.0, Symbian, BlackBerry, and even MeeGo and silt will be to have the plugin. Also, how we knew, There will be Flash on Windows Phone 7.

In terms of applications, do not miss the selection of the best free twitter clients for Android from our partner Txaumes. And nobody speaks of? WebOS? Of course, Yes, we’ve seen the multitasking of WebOS 2.0 video and Spotify comes to the app catalog.

Operators: we compare rates for voice

Our expert operators in us has returned to facilitate life with a complete comparison of flat rates for voice, including traditional operators and MVNO.

Apart from that, this has been a week full of moves by companies, we list the most important:

  • Vodafone limited the speed of your mobile internet and launches new discounts for Blackberry users
  • Orange complete their voice with the squirrel 8 new rates
  • Free Spotify Premium up to six months with Másmovil
  • Movistar launches the Blackberry Torch for individuals and professions (see prices)
  • Several improvements that support the launch of the new Vodafone rates

The news more valued by readers

  • Flash will reach virtually all systems, with the enemy at home
  • Nexus Two, new rumors are running Christmas
  • Niklas Savander gives us details of the new strategy Nokia: MeeGo for 2011
  • You can try MeeGo 1.1 available, users of Nokia N900 with dual boot
  • Best free applications from Twitter for Android