Nexus S, The Future Star of The Phone from Google, The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

Google intends to make us dying of curiosity regarding rumors that you are leaking for weeks on its new “Nexus Two” or its new version of Android called Gingerbread, not loose clothing. Fortunately, this week those rumors have begun to show us a light at the end of the tunnel. This “Nexus Two” manufactured by Samsung that images have been leaked will be called Nexus S.

On the other hand have known news as diverse as those dedicated to Symbian, system which still bullet remaining in the Chamber, the launch of Opera Mobile 10.1 for Android, the new filtration Sony Ericsson Xperia X 12 and other so many terminals in the company. Let’s review the best of the week on Engadget Mobile.

Nexus S, Sony Ericsson Xperia X 12, a few names that we must remember now

Finally, after many rumors, this week have been able to meet the “presumed” successor to the Nexus One, the Nexus S, manufactured by Samsung, a terminal that inherits directly his aesthetics of the acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S. together with the filtered images, has been leaked information, it between their possible final specifications.

Sony Ericsson also has saved news, and if not look at the images of the future Sony Ericsson Xperia X 12/Anzu, a renewed version of X 10 fighting its more scourge: its thickness. In addition, incorporates improvements such as an HDMI output. In addition to the X 12, Sony Ericsson seems to renew their Terminal most famous families, such as for example the Vivaz and the Walkman line.

Other notable trivia of the week are the re-launch of the failed line of juvenile phone Microsoft Kin, but it seems that the reason for such recovery is basically deplete the stock of existing terminals in this future and productive period of large sales which is Christmas.

As technical references of the week, we have met a couple of terminals that will appear in Japan. One of them is Sharp Touch Wood, a terminal built on a piece of wood, and the new LG L-03 c, a curious camera that will make mobile phone times.

Opera, Google and Nokia look to the future with its developments

Opera It has launched this week the long-awaited mobile version of its namesake browser for Android, Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta has seen the light in Android Market. Now we can enjoy your password manager and its famous Speed-Dial a finger stroke. The network also circulates a video where we can see this new Opera Mobile 10.1 running on a Toshiba Folio 100 Tablet with Android.

The future of Nokia’s Symbian operating system has more sense from this week. The development of this platform is has moved to Finland and the Foundation from now on Symbian shall be responsible manage your licenses. Nokia to also announced that expected more than 50 new improvements in Symbian throughout 2011.

Google continues to intrigue one week more with respect to the output of its next version SDK of Android, version called 2.3 Gingerbread. After checking the launch expected for Thursday, November 11 turned out to be another rumor groundless, now seeps a juicy information that relates functions of new motion sensors SO directly with the features already offered by the famous the Nintendo Wii remotes.

On whether the Gingerbread SDK will be shown this week, even We have no news, but let’s hope so.

Other interesting applications of the week have been Facebook update to your version 1.9 on BlackBerry, which now offers the integration of Facebook Places. We have also known Tango, an interesting and useful VoIP application that offers video calling over 3G and WiFi which is available both IOS and Android, do not forget to take a look at the article.

Goodbye to Roaming in Europe from 2015

In terms of operators, a couple of interesting points of the week have undoubtedly been the Vodafone offer of give the fixed in your home If you have an Internet rate with it unlimited, and the new SIMple rate of Euskatel offering calls at 5 cents per minute to the world forever.

Other positive news was that It has given us the European Union in announcing that the rates for roaming throughout the European territory by 2015 will be deleted.

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  • Gingerbread, sensors of movement of the phone to the level of a Wii remote?
  • The EU will eliminate the roaming rates throughout its territory by 2015
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  • Sony Ericsson Anzu/Xperia X 12 appears in scene