New Version of Google Glass for Sale on Our Site

They have not yet been launched, but a new version of the Google Glass seems to be in the oven at Google and a single copy has found its way to eBay

Google Glass did not reach out to the common man, before the Americans pulled the plug for the glasses, but it reached a little into the professional ranks. Why was there also speculated whether the glasses could resurface in a version focused on the business of an Enterprise Edition, and it is perhaps just such a that have appeared on our site.

Among others The Verge has intercepted the couple, who are put up for sale by a pawn chain by name A to Z Pawnbrokers.

At first glance, it might well look like a pair of black Google Glass, but there are a few things that stand out about this couple as compared to the first edition.

For the first couple on eBay can be folded together-there is at least a hinge, that suggests it. Secondly, Google Glass on eBay a different connection than the microUSB port, which was used on the original glasses.

A similar pair of glasses have been through the American FCC, which must approve the new products before they come on the market. Google has not publicly reported as something out of a re-launch of the glasses, but it suggests, therefore, that the Americans are close to being able to put the glasses in the Lake again.

At the time of writing is the glasses on eBay at 2,600 dollars-well 17,000 Danish kroner. Below is a small gallery of the first Google Glass (orange) and so the few that are for sale on eBay (the black).