New iPad Will Be More Expensive-Here Is the Danish Prices

Apple’s popular iPad will be more expensive in its 9.7 inch Pro Edition. See the new iPad-prices here.

Apple’s successor to the popular iPad Air 2 gets an iPad Pro – and it means that there will be a price boost over previous.

Where previous iPad Air 2 debuted at 3,799 crowns at the launch in October 2014, starting price on iPad Pro 6.0 by 5,299 crowns.

To the increased price you get though more iPad than before. The processor is the most powerful in Apple’s line-up, A9X, and it is accompanied by doubling the amount of RAM to 4 GB. The storage space is also doubled from 16 GB to 32 GB.

Both sound and image at the same time improved in Apple iPad Pro 6.0. The screen is now 25% brighter with 40% less glare, while color depth is increased by 25% which gives more vibrant colors. The sound is at the same time strengthened with four loudspeakers against 2 previously.

iPad Pro 9.7 inherits several Pro-features from its more expensive big brother, you receive thereby the possibility to use accessories like Apple’s Pencil and a smart cover with a built-in keyboard.

At a few points, surpassing the little iPad Pro his big brother. With iPad Pro 6.0 you will get a new, more capable 12MP camera with 4 k features an Adaptive screen which adjusts the white balance depending on the surroundings and Always-on Siri-voice commands.

iPad Pro gets international debut on 31 May. March, the Danish launch fails to appear, however, in the first place. Therefore, you should probably wait until april before you can get the new iPad between your hands.

Apple iPad Pro comes in four colors: silver, spacegrey, gold and rose gold.

Here are the Danish iPad Pro 6.0 prices

Below you can see how much each version costs:

  • Apple iPad 9.7 32 GB – WiFi Pro: 5,299 crowns
  • Apple iPad Pro 6.0 128 GB – WiFi: 6,699 crowns
  • Apple iPad Pro 9.7 256 GB – WiFi: 8,099 crowns
  • Apple iPad 9.7 32 GB – WiFi/LTE Pro: 6,399 crowns
  • Apple iPad Pro 6.0 128 GB – WiFi/LTE: 7,799 crowns
  • Apple iPad Pro 9.7 256 GB – WiFi/LTE: 9,199 crowns

Here is the new iPad Air 2 prices

With the launch of the iPad Pro 6.0 lowers Apple price of iPad Air 2 now, while the largest variant with 128 GB storage is deleted. The new prices now reads as follows:

  • Apple iPad 16 GB-WiFi Air 2:3,499 dollars
  • Apple iPad Air 2 64 GB – WiFi: 4,299 crowns
  • Apple iPad 16 GB-WiFi/LTE Air 2:4,499 crowns
  • Apple iPad 64 GB-WiFi/LTE Air 2:5,499 crowns

Finally, the large iPad Pro 12.9 also get the option of 256 GB of storage space. The new version also get the honor of being the first iPad ever to over 10,000 kroner. You must be of a total 10,899 dollars for Apple’s toptablet.

At the launch of the most expensive iPad Apple ever came at the same time with their cheapest iPhone ever with iPhone VIEW.