Netflix Will Be Included Free with Vodafone

One of the justifications so incumbents are considerably more expensive that the MVNO is that their rates include additional benefits. I.e., more amenities not always removed that advantage but help draw attention and which form part of the strategy of the large number of packaged services separately, they would have a higher cost.

These advantages include intrinsic each operator enhancements like HD voice, free roaming or the calls free between the family for example, but also, on many occasions are also decorated with temporary promotions with discounts to subscriptions other services as it is the case of Núbico on Spotify or Movistar and Netflix on Vodafone, this last nearing completion.

It’s the promotion that so far includes six months of free subscription to Netflix users with network L, XL network rates. One M and One L, which may continue to enjoy it all those who already have it activated or existing customers with one of the supported rates that activate it before January 23, 2017.

With regard to the new customers that you activate one of the supported rates from October 24, it will no longer be included the promotion of six months free so only additive available will be able to enjoy free spotify for six months but already not is you can choose between Netflix or Spotify as usual. Customers with network L or higher if eligible for the Premium TV online including 30 channels and football.

Beyond the end of the promotion, customers of Vodafone will continue hiring Netflix with the regular price at any of the three available packages and as advantage in comparison with other operators, service will be fully integrated Vodafone TV through TiVo.

Since it’s an advantage linked to the recruitment of certain fares, this change will be also reflected in the comparative rates since it is of a added to take into account when compare on equal terms with other operators to assess if really it is possible to get out according to the needs of each user or only serves to make the final price.

So is the offer complete rates Vodafone