MyDrive Assist in the Test

Driver assistance via app: Bosch MyDrive Assist traffic sign detection relies on the cloud and is incredibly accurate – for this reason but also partially unreliable

With MyDrive Assist, Bosch sends an app for traffic sign recognition at the start, designed according to Bosch especially as technology carriers. The German manufacturer such as when his car connectivity system MySpin is committed to mobile networking and shows what will be possible in the future. Currently the app unfortunately still not fully convinced.

The alignment of the camera on the windshield went very quickly, we could make us immediately on the way. The user interface is so clear and well structured, that we immediately found ourselves right. Also, the display of the drive Wizard is superbly decorated and cleaned up. The precision of the traffic sign detection on the motorway was impressive, but also led to problems. Signs and overhead were recognized correctly even additional signs were read out.

Unfortunately recognized MyDrive Assist also signs of parallel tracks and a blinded them. Even more irritating: Even the speed limit stickers on trucks were detected so we went at once allegedly too quickly. How do you explain a computer also, which label is associated with how?

On the map to get an overview of the current flow of traffic in the area. Unfortunately, the shield detection in this mode does not work. The function is also not integrated under Android.

Bosch has considered himself a clever solution: all recognized traffic signs are filed with GPS data in a cloud. So it can be – checked by comparison with the data of other driver sign detections and with increasing number of users and appropriate amount of data in the cloud, the app is always reliable.

Actually even speed limits were also inserted us when the camera they not recognized, even place its inputs and outputs were considered partly via GPS. Tip: Enable the additional indicator, which indicates whether a sign on the camera or on the cloud was detected.

At dusk, the app during our test drive held out the longest, at night, after work was then understandably. Thus MyDriveAssist is a reliable support during the day on highways and country roads, if you can even see over a speed limit. Only known the signs are in turn or in sharp turns too much outside of the camera box.