Motorola Xoom Begins to Be Sold in Brazil

After Apple and Samsung it is now the turn of Motorola to start selling its tablet in Brazil.American and Fnac have fixed the price of the Xoom Wi-Fi in, While the Fast Shop has a lower price:.

This model is already $ 999.00 in the Fast Shop (September 22, 2012).

First Brazilian apps

Along with the launch, Motorola announces, on the Brazilian site of Xoom , some applications for Android, available in the Android Market:Saraiva Digital Reader;Editora Abril;Newspaper;And Terra TV.

But by visiting the Androids store there is no indication that these applications are specific to Android 3.0, the native Xoom operating system.More than that: all these apps look like they are still for Android 2.x, a version of this system for smartphones.

And there are still a lot of criticisms from users of Android apps, such as Saraiva Digital Reader, including in Google’s own store.

Is it worth buying the Xoom?

According to the reviews of the largest computer publications in the world, Xoom is very fast, which makes it very close to a laptop, for example.And it still has interesting features like HDMI output;Slot for mini SD and is prepared to receive 4G connections.

Its direct competitor in Brazil today is the iPad 1, which can be found in some stores for R $ 1,250.00.Although already out of line, the iPad 1 is still an excellent tablet, despite being “slower” than Xoom.

If you want a tablet for “small” tasks, such as browsing the internet, running only a few applications at a time, or watching YouTube videos, I would recommend the iPad 1 according to ESTATEREALEST.

If you want a fast tablet, that plays HD videos on widescreen in high definition and is addicted to games, maybe Xoom is the best choice.