More Than 24% of Devices Android Use Gingerbread

Once again we do review the distribution of Android versions. Data collected by Google for 14 days until August 1 we see that the version that has suffered a greater insight into the market has been Android Gingerbread, being present in the 24,3% devices eating him even more ground to Android Froyo which passes from 59.4% of last month to the 55.4%.

Android Honeycomb continues to grow, but at lower rate from 0.9% last month to the 1.3% that even if they seem bad figures are not so bearing in mind that there are few tablets using Android Honeycomb against the legion of mobile phones with Android.

Is expected for the coming month as far as Gingerbread and Honeycomb continue to grow thanks to mobile and updates to release in more countries of more tablets with Honeycomb models such as the Motorola Xoom 3G or the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Spain.