Microsoft Tester Extensions for Edge-Browser

A coveted feature coming soon to the Microsoft Edge-Web browser: Extensions.

The Microsoft Edge-browser for Windows 10 get soon a long-awaited ‘Extensions’-feature. In the case of extensions where third parties can simplify and enhance your netsurfen by extending the browser functionalities-for example, by adding a translation module or provide an improved interface, for example, sites like Twitter or Reddit.

Barely a year after the launch of the Edge-the browser Microsoft seems to be almost ready for beta-testing the extensions as it was briefly made available on the company’s website. It writes the Verge.

Here we see how the extensions will work in practice, where the so-called ‘ extensions ‘ can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, install and then run from inside Edge-the browser’s ‘ Mere’-menu.

The first three extensions are simultaneously shown on the website, where Microsoft provides a translation module, a module to create mouse shortcuts, as well as a dedicated chip for the social media Reddit.

Completely ready for testing is not, however, feature, Microsoft has since taken the page down again. However, you can view a cached copy of the site here.

In the first place, will be the only users wound in Microsoft’s Windows Insider program, who will be given the opportunity to beta-test the new extensions to the browser.