Microsoft Lumia 535: Ex-Nokia

Conclusion: Microsoft put a quite stuttering start with the Lumia 535 in the test. Known special apps, clean processing, and a large screen provide advantages. However, the camera can not convince and the surly touchscreen strained our nerves.

The Lumia 535 Microsoft removes another piece of Nokia in the cell phone world. The Smartphone which now Microsoft devices the baptized former Mobile Division of Nokia carry immediately the Microsoft logo including Windows logo on the back. The first is a high-end Smartphone that properly is to shake up the market, but one with a price of only around 110 euros blatantly cheap 5 inch cell phone, suggested by Sciencedict.

Microsoft Lumia 535: Processing And OS

The removable plastic back of Windows phones not elegant looks and is very slippery.However, the mobile phone is clean processed. You can change the battery and micro-SIM and microSD card slots. There is a dual-SIM version, but not officially offered in Germany according to Microsoft. The Lumia Windows phone 8.1 that allows now also folders on the main, has a power-saving mode, and is equipped with the usual exclusive applications running of course. These include the Internet radio mix radio, the free onboard Navi here drive+and a Mobile Office package. The Windows Marketplace offers more than 300,000 apps and continues to grow steadily, offers the scale and the quality of the app stores from Apple and Google but still long.

Microsoft Lumia 535: Breaking Point Touch Screen

During our tests, we got the note on a manually installable software update for any touch screen problems when the Lumia 535 from Microsoft. We have installed the firmware update 02048.00000.14457.51001 also good, it helped but nothing. The touch screen of the Lumia 535 reacts badly. He accepts only delayed inputs, often we tap three to five times on an app icon, until something going on. When scrolling, Swypen and wipe the Smartphone takes plenty of time to comply with the request. It is particularly galling that swipe gestures be misinterpreted repeatedly and the Lumia unconventionally opens apps or Web links, rather than in the direction you want to scroll. Especially the Manual scrolling and wipe in Internet Explorer device to the gambling and makes the operation of the Smartphone to a borderline experience. As a processor is the entry level system Snapdragon 200 used. Whose performance would still be sufficient despite mini juddering and long app loading times, but in combination with the touch interface, the device works not liquid.

Microsoft Lumia 535: Battery, Acoustic & Camera

When the battery life, the Microsoft Smartphone has to offer solid values. 7:16 hours telephony and 6:05 hours surfing go alright. With the Lumia you can comfortably phone calls, voice quality is good. Voices come across loud and clear, we don’t hear a noise on the line. The 5-megapixel camera of the 535, however, not convinced us.At daylight shots seem noisy and not sharp. Details are no longer to recognize the Flash lights up also very weak in low light conditions. The 5 mega pixel takes strong front camera although at a very wide angle, but also not higher quality than the back snapping.

Microsoft Lumia 535: Alternative

As an alternative to the dirt-cheap Lumia, we recommend the extremely cheap Honor 3C.. The honor was a pretty good figure in our test course. Significantly higher resolves also 5 inch large display of the Android Smartphone with HD, the touch screen responds reliably, the work pace is brisk. In addition also the 8 mega pixel camera of 3C shoots something nicer pictures than those of Lumia. You currently pay Fürs honor 3 C around 140 euro, a very good price.