Microsoft Ensures Support for Tablet Surface

First tablet of the brand will receive software updates, including security, until April 2017; period is greater than the guaranteed by other manufacturers

Microsoft Ensures Support for Tablet Surface

According to businesscarriers, new-to-market to tablets, Microsoft is worried about convincing users that has long-term plans for the tablet Surface, even if he didn’t have good results in the race against the iPad and tablets with Android. In your page of product cycle, the company ensured that support Surface for the next four years, which reassures good consumers interested in buying the product.

According to the Microsoft Web page, the company will provide software updates, including security updates, and notify users when they are available for download. The support package, Microsoft also included updates to the application suite of Office Home and Student for Windows RT during the same period.

According to the site, ZDNet, Microsoft usually offers five-year support for versions of Windows for home users and enterprise. As this is a product that involves hardware and software, the Surface different support policy won: the Surface will win support until 11 April 2017, about four and a half years after the announcement of the product.

The Microsoft website still details that Surface users will also support to the hardware during the period, including repairs and exchange of parts of the tablet. The services come out for free during the warranty period of the product and, if the period is complete, consumers will have to pay a fee.

The iPad, main rival of the Surface, generally supports new software updates within two and a half years after the release of the product. According to the website, other tablets, such as Nexus and Nexus 7 10, Google, and the Kindle Fire HD, Amazon, have no support policies defined by the manufacturers.

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