Microsoft Buy Nokia: There Will Be No Mobile Nokia with Android

As Engadget confirmed a few minutes ago, Microsoft has purchased the Nokia devices division. It was something that was to come due to the evolution of the results of Nokia (that have gone from being the mobile reference years ago to be a player in second row) and for its strong commitment to Microsoft.

What are the consequences for Android? First, there will be no mobile Nokia with Android. This was a possibility that was ruled out when Nokia chose Windows as operating system for its smartphones, but always one can think that it is a reversible decision. Not anymore.

The second consequence is that Microsoft happens to design, manufacture and sell mobile phones with Windows Phone, It is a risk for other manufacturers. Some, like LG, wanted to diversify, not rely on both Android since Google bought Motorola in its day. But if they are released in the hands of Microsoft are the same. Although Microsoft says that it wants to continue to work with other manufacturers, the situation is not the same. Will we have other manufacturers rethinking its strategy with Windows Phone? Be they launched more even in Android, where at least there is absolute freedom (although not to include Google Play)?