Maternity Leave Mobile Phone

Blancco Technology Group has published the latest version of its report “State of Mobile Device Performance and Health”, which analyzes the smartphone market from the perspective of failures and common problems. A particularly original analysis that allows us to become aware of some statistics at least curious that show us, among other things, the level of awareness of the average user who faces alleged faults and malfunctions of your maternity mobile application.

Maternity Leave Mobile Phone

According to the report, which analyses the fourth quarter 2015 period, as many as 75% of the Smartphones that are returned to producers or operators in North America and Europe, does not present any defect remedied in assistance. The cause of the malfunction is due to incorrect use of the device, as the app doesn’t close, leading to delays and performance hits that are incorrectly placed against the hardware of the device. Analyzing the data of the Asian market, it emerges that many of the users who come to care for such problems, take in some cases running up to 40 applications! In short, to paraphrase an old saying, the first bug of the smartphone is the user himself!

The statistic indicates that 85% of smartphones driven to support both Android, while 15% are iPhone. Among Android devices is Samsung be the one with the largest number of terminals leak, the 27% of the total, followed by Lenovo (21%), Motorola (18%), 8 (11%) and Asus Xiaomi (%). Wanting to be bad guys we can notice how Lenovo and Motorola are part of society and together reach 39% of the total. The enormous gap between Android and iPhone devices is not surprising, since it represents faithfully the relationship of market share between the two different realities.

Finally, among the most common failures are camera problems, the touchscreen, the charger and microphones as well as generic complaints about performance of the device. Particularly interesting since it indicates how social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and Line, causing performance problems on many Smartphones in Asia, while in Europe, in the prior quarter, the main problems stem from productivity apps and Emoji.

Did you ever send your smartphone in assistance and find that there was no hardware fault?Let us know your experience in the comments!