Lowi Seeks New Clients among Which More Called: Unlimited from 18 Euro Per Month

Lowi has been shown as a great success by the strategists of Vodafone. The British operator just virtual under its coverage, so low cost side do not enter what can enter Orange, which also has a Simyo and Amena in that segment. To compete at low prices was born Lowi, an advantage for those who are more sobrados of megas: be able to accumulate them for the next month.

Lowi offer has been completed since its birth, with the possibility of hiring up to five gigabytes, to share the megas with friends, the arrival of the 4G, or the bonus of 120 minutes. And now comes to meet one of the demands of the users: have unlimited calling.

On his way to conquer all kinds of users, Lowi incorporates today to offer the possibility of making domestic calls without limits. Its price is based on the 18 euros, with a giga, so it really Add unlimited calls is to add 12 euros per month to data bonus contract.

To hire the unlimited calls, you can access the 4 G, even with bonds of less than two gigabytes

Lowi unlimited calls do not have any limit, or minutes or monthly targets, and Add another advantage users who hire them: the possibility of Navigate to 4G speed, something restricted to who are engaged at least two gigabytes without having these contracted calls. Of course, who hired them may continue accumulating his megas leftovers for the next month and will return to zero cents per minute and calls to the bonus of 120 minutes when want to.