LG G5 Price Official-Cheaper Than Samsung Galaxy S7

LG’s G5 topmobil is finally priced for advance sales. It will be cheaper than Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7 topmobil.

South Korean LG race with large parts of the attention during this year’s mobile Mecca, MWC fair in Barcelona, with an innovative topmobil: LG G5.

Two essential information about phones lacked, however, at presentations, the selling price and salgstarten. The two pieces are falling into place now, where the first online-shops in the United Kingdom now embarks on their advance sales at LG G5.

With the UK e-shop our site sounds a presale price of 529 lbs, equivalent to roughly 5,150 Danish kroner, with a subsequent delivery from it. 8 april. By comparison, reads the official advance booking price on Samsung Galaxy S7 on 569 lbs.

Thus the reminder phone details on the Danish market, where the price can be expected to sit close up of the British. LG Mobilsiden.dk has turned to Nordic, but from there, there is no official announcement yet.

That is why LG G5 something special

Most notable for LG’s new flagship is the modular building, where the bottom of the phone can be coaxed out, the battery is changed, and a new module can attach to. Currently Offers two alternative modules, SELECT a camera module with built-in grip and extra battery, as well as a Hi-Fi module signed by B & O Play.

G5 also marks a shift for the company, which now introduces a metal shell, above various experiments with alternative materials such as plastics and self-healing plastic and leather. LG innovates at the same time by embossing the antenna directly on top of the aluminum body by means of the so-called ‘ micro-lil_bby_kt ‘.

On the camera front is G5 ekviperet with two different bagkameraer: an ultra wide angle at 8 megapixels, and a standard module of 16 megapixels with optical image stabilization.

In addition to the innovative design, featuring G5 on pure topspecifikationer, with a Snapdragon 820 quad-core, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage space and Cat 9 LTE antenna.