LG G5 Also Gets a “Constant Lit Screen” feature

LG’s next top model, LG G5, comes just as Samsung Galaxy S7 also with a so-called “always on” feature, then the screen constantly lit with useful info.

Yesterday, it emerged that Samsung in all likelihood will equip Galaxy S7-top model with an “always on” function, so that the screen is always lit and shows small, useful information such as notifications and Bell.
Now it turns out that LG goes the same way with G5-top model, which will be published on the same day-the February 21, the day before the Mobile World Congress. As regards LG G5, however, it is officially, LG even has shared a GIF animation in a Facebook-page spreadthat shows the function above on just LG G5.

The function goes in all its simplicity, the screen does not go into sleep or off as normal. Instead comes a black screen above, where the Bell and the unread notifications from apps can be seen with a glance, without having to turn on the screen completely. It is also apparent from the above animation, the function gets the quite descriptive name “Always ON”.

Similar features are seen before. For example, Nokia’s Glance feature in Windows Phone 8, which did just this, and Motorola’s Active Display function in Moto X-smartphones.

Immediately should such a feature be contributing to increased battery consumption. Therefore be seen the previous solutions, reminiscent of LG’s upcoming, also most often implemented in smartphones with the so-called AMOLED displays that can switch off for each black pixel and thus save a lot of power by displaying only the individual colored or white elements.

Nokia’s solution was implemented in several Lumia-models that had LCD monitors, and it was without affecting battery life significantly. The same is expected to happen with LG G5, which also get a LCD screen. Whether it comes to get a bearing on how good battery life on it will be known, for good reason, not yet.

We on the other hand, it will be much wiser on when LG unveils the phone about 11 days.