LG and Samsung Galaxy S7 (SD820 Against Exynos 8890)

Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 protagonists of the day yesterday, first through their formal presentations and then through our video previews (S7 Edge Galaxy – Galaxy S7 Flat – LG G5) that allowed us to see them more closely and better analyze software and technical specifications of the new top range Koreans.

Two smartphones that will arise in direct competition in a few weeks, very different both aesthetically and technically, since on the one hand we have the Samsung’s proprietary SoC, Exynos 8890 (at least in the version due out in Europe) and on the other the last platform ofQualcomm, Snapdragon 820 .

Although it may be too early to talk of comparative benchmarks, an initial analysis has already been published by a Swedish editorial, unfortunately with a software not yet definitive, we find the launch in stores, but still able to provide us with a first match between the new generation of top of the line, also in relation to the previous one through LG G4.

As you can see from the numbers, LG G5 is in front of Galaxy S7 in bench Antutu, while Samsung Terminal exceeds G5 in tests GeekBench 2 Multicore Vellamo, 3D Mark and HTML.Performance therefore worth considering using daily, while for real data, we reserve to better analyze them later.

As usual, the benchmarks are not indicative of the quality and experience of use of the terminals but offer simply a yardstick among the various solutions on the market, it should be remembered.