Lenovo Yoga 900-A Laptop with a Twist [TEST]

Review: Lenovo Yoga 900 will be versatile. In addition to being portable bijobber the fact that tablet.

2-in-1, 3-in-one, 5-in-one and other altmuligmands solutions abound for time in the PC market. A laptop should now also be tablet, television, media center and much more.

Lenovo Yoga 900 is just one of these multi tools, but as with the predecessor Yoga Pro 13 rates the first and foremost to be a laptop and it is not a stupid idea.

The Chinese company offers at the same time on a hefty upgrade to Yoga 900 with a more powerful processor type and new technology that should make Yoga 900 able to run up to 50% longer on a charge.

Specifications of Lenovo Yoga 900

Goal: 324 x 225 x 14.9 mm-1.29 kg
Screen: 13.3 “IPS-display 3200×1800 pixels, 276 PPI
Performance: 6. gen Intel Core i5/i7, up to 16 GB of RAM, Intel HD520 graphics
Storage: up to 512 GB SSD
Camera: 720 p HD
Battery: 66 Wh, up to 9 hours
Ports: 2 x USB, 1 x USB 3.0 type C with video, card reader, 3.5 mm audio
Software: Windows 10, Lenovo software preinstalled
Price: from 9,499.00 USD


Yoga-the name obliges, and 900 ‘ eren has undoubtedly intend to live up to the flexible screen name by bidding on a ulamindelig slim profile.

Whole lot can be crammed into just 14, 9 mm, narrower than a tændstiksæske and with 1.29 kg gross vehicle weight is Yoga a true 900 sylfide living up to ultra book-designation.

Yoga 900 is built like a sandwich of sturdy plastic placed between two pieces of solid aluminum. Screen and base are connected via a specially conducted mesh-hinge, which decorate the otherwise somewhat anonymous design.

Collections and hinge works all together solidly executed resulting in a robust, but stylish impression.

The keyboard is comfortable if you as I am for light and sensitive keys, I’m getting annoyed, however, a little more than that the buttons are not enjoying the full width as base delivers – Worst is it when the Shift button is såsmal as it is and to the outermost row of ‘ Home/End/PgUp/PgDn ‘ buttons do not have moved either above or below the Enter key.

Touch-pad is hear nor to the most comfortable of its kind. It is slightly smaller than average and, at times, is it either a little too sensitive or insensitive, to my pressure – resulting in double click or nothing clicks.Fortunately, much can be rearranged with touch-screen instead.

Screen with party-trick

The screen also has a party-trick: it can be turned the other way. Lenovo calls it good enough though for in a two-in-one machine, but I can see immediately 4 different ways as the laptop can be used: as a notebook, as tablet which movie viewer.

As notebook, it acts exactly like any other 13 inch ultra book – easy to carry along, to sneak into the bag and easy to park at the café table or Airbus’ens folding table.

Clap you screen 180 degrees back is Yoga 900 technically a tablet, but it’s hard to see exactly how that has to be kept about it (although the keys properly disabled) – and with a weight of over one kilo is the doomed to short tablet-séances.

But the possibility exists, which I suppose is always a plus.

Movies and home videos is accompanied to the sound from two speakers at the bottom which contributes with an Honourable soundscape-for a laptop.


Well connected device

The ever-greater miniaturization among phones, tablets and portable units have made thinner and sleeker. It has also had the side effect that many of the ports and connectivity options as may be needed in everyday life, has now been wiped out.

In Yoga it is managed 900 Lenovo to retain plenty of ports and expansion options – all 4 USB ports and a 4-in-one card reader it has become.

Before you rejoice in the many ports, you must be aware that one of them also serves as a barn door – and therefore are recorded while charging and that the other is a reversible USB C connectors which are not particularly widespread yet.

The latter is both good and bad – good because the future ensures Yoga 900 and can be used both for external display or other USB functions, but at the same time, jealous that it, for it requires * yet * an adapter for the pile of micro-HDMI, mini-display or Thunderbolt display adapters.

New life in the engine compartment

Yoga Pro 3 was a bit of an oddball at the time it was released, it was for the first Lenovo product with Intel’s Core M processor. A processor-type, with a special focus on minimal power consumption, rather than power.

In Yoga 900 is Lenovo back with a regular laptop processor, and in the tested version with Core i7 processor, give it a good kick in the pants to his predecessor.

The processor Core is sixth-generation from Intel and races now with up to 3.1 GHz mod 2.9 Ghz. It doesn’t sound like a big difference, but it is in practice for march-go for the processor is now lifted from 1.1 GHz to 2.6 GHz.

This means that Yoga 900 alternates between being a bit faster to facilitate tasks, while heavy disciplines such as video and photo editing runs almost twice as fast as that of its predecessor.

Games and other 3D tasks are solved by Intel’s HD520 graphics-chip – a starting solution who will row for older games and so not much more. Yoga 900 is just not a game console.

The fan makes noise considerably when Yoga 900 pressed – something which will be tiring for longer tasks like video editing or other heavy tasks.

According to Lenovo battery should now hold up to 50 percent longer than before, or approximately 9 hours. Both assertions should be taken with a grain of salt, because I can not press operating times to much over 6-7 hours – which is a only 0,03% better than last year’s model – but now comes that considerably more power in the meantime.


Windows 10 and Lenovo

The software is provided, as expected by Microsoft, but it is coming in a big way also from Lenovo that includes an entire software package with the machine.

Windows 10 Home works very well on machines such as Yoga 900, with both touch-friendly menus and the teething troubles that plagued Microsoft’s operating system from this summer seems to be gone.

Instead it is Lenovo’s eagerness to bundle software that plagues the computer which counts no less than 22 different applications from Lenovo, and not one of them has been required during the test period.

In other words: this machine has plenty of crapware.

Pricing and configurations

Yoga 900 come in four models on the Danish market. You can view the list of possible configurations including:

  • Core i5 2.3 GHz/8GB RAM/256 GB SSD – around $ 9,500.
  • Core i7 2.5 GHz/8GB RAM/256 GB SSD – around 10,400 kr.
  • Core i7 2.5 GHz/8GB RAM/512 GB SSD – around 11,300 kr.
  • 2.5 GHz/16 GB RAM core i7/512 GB SSD – around 11,500 USD.

There is, therefore, not the large span between starts and the big chrome-plated model i7-solution with full equipment package. With a debut price around the ten thousand dollars is still a lot of money – but the price is reasonable for a modern ultra book equipped with top-specifications.


A good development

Lenovo Yoga 900 offers much of what is required of an Office machine: good performance, good battery and good quality.

Yoga, however, don’t really protrude out 900 of some of its competitors, but instead delivers a solid performance without having some real weaknesses – and this makes it reliable.

Yoga 900 also has a nice little trick in its flexible screen, but in the end, I would like first and foremost to qualify as a laptop-900 Yoga with a twist.

It’s not exactly cheap, but the price of upgrades, on the other hand, is much more reasonable than what else looks at the competitors.

We therefore ends on 5 out of 6 possible stars.