Learn the Impressive Figures Twitter

If you are standing, sit. The following data may (or may not) make your jaw drop. They were revealed last week by Raffi Krikorian engineer, during a lecture recruiting an American university. According to Krikorian, they are made ​​more than 6 billion daily calls to the API Twitter, 70000 per second. API calls are made ​​every time a user uses an application, whether for mobile or desktop, rather than the web version or mobile Twitter.

He also said that each tweet needs 200 bytes to be stored on the site server. In his presentation, the number of tweets per day was still in the margin of 70 million, but even this week Twitter announced that it has reached 90 million daily posts. According to the calculations of the engineer, are more than 800 tweets per second, each spending 200 bytes of space on the server, with up to 12 GB of data per day. And it is considered only the text contained within 140 characters.

In total, more than 5 GB of data are generated by second minute, which can mean peaks up to 8 TB per day. And that does not like to come face to face with the Fail Whale, poor observation: all these numbers just tend to grow.