Leaks, Android News and Price of N8. The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

We have ventured into August. Operators are still on holiday and News from manufacturers fall to eyedropper. Highlights of the summer are still numerous leaks, especially of high-end Android terminals.

All leaks, Android news, the official price of the Nokia N8 and some news from other manufacturers. You summarize the most interesting of the week in Engadget Mobile:

It continues the string of leaks

HTC Desire HD It tops the list of leak of the week. We met him the previous week, but at the beginning of this we saw it for the first time on video, a piece that seduced us with its attractive design and its formidable screen of 4 ’ 3 inches. We later learned that HTC has prepared an event for September 15. The sign hints at a new terminal that could well be the Desire HD, so could miss one month so that they present it to us in society.

Also leaked it to HTC Windows Phone 7. It is of HTC Schubert, It has a design equally sexy, metallic and apparently unibody, plus a camera with a flash that could be of xenon. Will we see it also in London?

A Nokia the secretive nor are you well and we could see your Nokia X 3-02. A phone in format bar with alphanumeric keypad and a screen of 2 ’ 4 inch which, curiously, is touch. In addition brings a five megapixel camera and has only 9 ’ 6 mm thick.

Finally, we have seen for the first time in video the Dell Thunder, the Android phone American company that is finally taking shape and whose specifications are the latest: screen OLED 4.1 inch, 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and video at 720 p, 512MB RAM and 1GB of internal memory.

An event with Google that was not so

Google announced a mid-week event giving only a clue: “we will reveal a couple of interesting features for mobile». Our speculations were focused on Google Music, but the expectations were too high.

The two developments were Chrome to Phone and Voice Actions. The first is an extension of Google Chrome’s desktop that sends information to an Android phone to synchronize what we are doing with a single click. The second, striking but in the line of what we had seen: a lot of voice commands for Android.

The future of Android and Android as future

We believe in the future of Android When Motorola reports the progressive death of its Motoblur interface. We are reminded of Android 3.0 Gingerbread and promises of its interface, so sexy that won’t need third party interfaces. Will HTC Sense fall also?

But also believe in Android as the future with statements such as the LG, which wants to sell 6 million Smartphones, 70% Android. The Optimus range wants to follow in the footsteps of the Samsung Galaxy S.

But I don’t, not everything is Android. This week we have known the official price of the Nokia N8 in Spanish online store: 469 euros. It seems high, but it should not be forgotten that it is one of the most anticipated handsets, among other things, by its incredible 12 megapixel camera.

On the other hand, we present the BlackBerry Curve 3G, which is prepared for the arrival of BlackBerry OS 6.

Stunning graphics on iPhone 4 … and also Flash

And iPhone is always news of hand of developers. iD Software has demonstrated the graphic possibilities of the iPhone 4 with its Rage game. Just watch the video to whet your appetite.

Other developers, the Cydia, bring Flash to iPhone 4, or as they have called: Frash. For now is in the alpha phase, but many will appreciate the possibilities that brings with it.

The most valued by readers

  • Nokia N8 appears on Spanish Nokia online store: 469 EUR
  • ID Software shows the graphic possibilities of iPhone 4 with Rage
  • Motorola does not think MOTOBLUR for the future, Android 3.0 is coming
  • Dell Thunder, another Android which can be seen in video
  • Google tomorrow organizes an event where he will present a couple of new features