Justin Bieber Can Not Have Account on Facebook or Ping

Imagine you have an account on a social network whatsoever and without notice or email, it will be canceled from one day to another. Anyone would be upset, disheartened. And that’s what happened with Justin Bieber. Yes, the guy next door is even Justin Bieber. But in this post we are talking about an American 35 year old who carries the burden of having the same name of the famous Canadian singer only 16.

According to Justin, he came to have an account on Facebook for 6 months but it has been disabled without any explanation from the Mark Zuckerberg network. When he sought for an explanation, he was told that he was kicked out of the network by using a false name. Bieber also tried to create a profile on the network Ping of Apple, but his account did not last long.

And this is not the only technological problem that the doppelgänger Canadian singer faces: he also faces problems with the cell because the fans of the Canadian singer invariably find the number, post on the fan club site and many people come to connect and send SMS messages. Bieber tried to put the number in the wife’s name, yet he was discovered. The peak reached 50 messages in just 2 hours.

In the analog world, the US receives up to 10 fan letters a day. Bieber says there is a good side of this mess, “At least now everyone knows to pronounce my name correctly.”