JBL Flip 3-Strong Sound in High-Design [TEST]

Review of JBL Flip 3: the third generation of JBLS’s flip-series of portable speakers is packed with features in a strong, compact chassis.

Portable and connected audio winner ever forward, and solutions becomes ever more thoughtful when the phone sound must have a boost on the go.

JBL’s Flip3 is just an example of a portable bluetooth speaker which gradually has been refined and improved since the first debut in 2013.

Better-looking exterior, better sound, longer operating time-Flip 3 is finally ready to deliver adult audio in a portable design.

Specifications JBL Flip 3

Goals: 64 x 169 mm
Weight: 450 grams
Audio: 2 x 40 mm full range drivers + passive subs, 85-20, 000 Hz frequency response.
Power: 2 x 4W
Battery: 10 hours of playtime 3,000 mAh,
Moreover: Micro-USB charger and cable. Available in black, red, orange, pink, grey, blue, yellow, and teal.
Daily rate: approx. 950.0-NOK

Compared to the previous year’s Flip-modeler is now a much tastier Flip3 speaker. The construction is still cast in plastic, but the hard plastic is now replaced by a more rubber-like ditto, there certainly will be more resistant to shocks.

Size can JBL næstene is compared one-on-one with a half-litre can of cola. Also it can almost match the weight inspired exterior with its 450 grams.

The is no lightweight, actually 50-100 grams heavier than its predecessors, but it gives exactly the heaviness as quality sound requires.

Unlike its predecessor is the now completely cylindrical, making easy the trills from a when lying sideways.This so works best here up for grabs.

The button placement on also puts up to that this must stand vertical. They respond with a good click feeling and are easy to hit even in the dark with their icon design.


Practical details

Flip 3 is designed for a life on the go, and it is clearly visible on the rubberized and splash-proof design. It saves on two 40 mm drivers and two passive subs, but these are secured against accidents by being hidden behind a strong textile exterior, while the two subs are sunken in each end.

No charger included, but that included a smart reversible USB cable which empties into a micro-USB connector. On the sides are five LEDs that indicate battery condition, and whether or not Flip 3 lets up.

A small cord acts as a carrying strap, nothing fancy here, but it makes it easier not to lose it on the go.

Easy and advanced connectivity

When Flip 3 must be connected to, the possibilities are many. You can either connect a mini-jack in the traditional way or resort to a wireless connection via Bluetooth 4.1.

NFC-pairing is saved away, but instead you’ll now have the option of either connecting it via a standard bluetooth courtship or via JBL’s the Connect app.

The latter allows you to let your Flip speaker to work in synergy with several JBL speakers. One of your friends has its own Flip 3 with so they can be set up to play stereo sound in tandem. The app is extremely simple, even for simple, because I am here, I would have liked the opportunity to fine tune the base and treble.

I, on the other hand, is wild with the ability to connect multiple smartphones at once. Up to three units can be paired with the receiver at the same time, and it gives your friends the chance to take over the DJ-the task without breaks.

Inside the Flip 3 you will also find a noise-canceling microphone for headset features. These work fine, but only if your phone is connected via Bluetooth.


Lots of sound

When a speaker of this size are tested, it is important to bear in mind that physics sets limits for how much sound that can be pumped out of such a small device.

JBL Flip 3 now appears to see large on what natural laws for prescribing and delivers a sound that surprises. This one is almost big enough to play up to party at the Office. The many decibels is delivered at the same time without the soundscape mudres hero – a small miracle the size taken into account.

The violent sound, however, comes at the expense of one thing: the base. Are you a fan of deep beats and crisp bass drum you will immediately notice that these are almost gone.

All in all, as I at any time that JBL had taken the top of max-volume and moved it to the bass. Fortunately, you can adjust it up to a better balance in certain music players, and results are now increasingly compelling if you weigh the level of sound the loudest.

What also convinces is operating times. JBL promises 10 hours, and that only the even stop at moderate level. It is double what speakers typically delivers in this weight class, so I’m very happy.

An excellent, robust small case

With JBL Flip 3 is Flip the recipe now so refined that the result is something close to a perfect mix of performance, features and practical details of its genre.

Provided plenty of honest sound, it should probably stay for one or two picnic trips in the Green and it does it all at a price which does not exceed one thousand dollars.

The round format can be crammed into a pocket and enjoyed despite the fact that the possibly will trill away a time or two, it is so convenient that it probably will be the one to accompany me on my next trip.

JBL Flip 3 reaps therefore 5 ½ out of 6 stars.