iPod Speaker Unit – Street Party Revolve

Street Party Revolve speaker system for iPod and iPhone offers the flexibility of a traditional iPod speaker device and offers powerful surround sound. The unique rotating just keep making Gear4 Street Party Revolve perfect to listen to music or watch videos on your iPod or iPhone.

Gear4 Street Party Revolve stand can be supplied with power from an electrical outlet or with four AAA batteries, so it can be used both when you are home and away.

Street Party Revolve Audio system for iPod

Street Party Revolve Audio system for iPod

This versatile device also support music players that aren’t Apple via AUX 3.5 mm input.

In addition, the device is compact: 100 x 215 x 35 mm. It is also one of the easiest speakers in his group with a weight of only 390 g, so there will be no trouble to lug the unit around. The most unique feature of the design is that you can hook up your iPod or iPhone and turn your device to view in widescreen. This also works with other iPod models.