IPhone Fly Free in Spain, The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

Week ending today has been really active in the mobile landscape. Starting with the typical leaks and presentations, up to the “musical” keynote Apple, which, aside from music, also had surprises for its terminals iPhone, as the announcement of the new iOS 4.1 and 4.2.

The general tone of the week is characterized by the announcement of phones coming to start a new cycle (or that intend to) in the market, as it is the case with Motorola Milestone 2. The phone operators and the different manufacturers also have made various statements this week, and we have also seen how Apple has done what many had spent years waiting for: start sell the iPhone free in Spain. We do a review by The best of the week on Engadget Mobile.

In a matter of terminals, the week has been complete. This week have made its official appearance terminals such as the Motorola Milestone 2, the evolution the now famous milestone, the first Motorola Android, and the fourth phone with Bada OS, the Samsung Wave 723 is, and we have seen it even in video. In the field of Android now know the Samsung i5510, LG E720, to Motorola XT300 and the all-terrain Motorola Defy.

It shows that Windows Phone 7 is coming soon, and it is already every week that passes the rumors, leaks and announcements are most abundant. This week, for example, we learned that the terminal that would follow the footsteps of the award-winning HTC HD2, will not be the HD3, but the HTC HD7, looking so HTC a name better suited to the maelstrom of marketing, which will mean the release of the new OS? LG also has a few prepared cartridges for Windows Phone 7, one of them is called LG E900.

Regarding manufacturers, no doubt which stands out most of the week is Apple, so the keynote last Wednesday offered where is unveiled as updates iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2 respectively, as the opening of his long-awaited first Apple Store in Spain, located in the shopping centre “La Maquinista” of Barcelona, and that our fellow Applesfera was commissioned to make us know first-hand. This latest news was accompanied by one of the most eagerly awaited by many customers, the announcement of the availability of iPhones in Spain thanks to the own Apple Store.

Other companies such as Sony Ericsson public made their desire to be the biggest manufacturer of terminals Android. Hand of Samsung (which is more than happy with the sales of your Samsung Galaxy S) We knew officially a new tablet, the already mentioned above Samsung Galaxy Tab, with the difference that we now know definitively that it will offer the possibility of making phone calls.

Meanwhile Sharp showed us a prototype mobile phone with 3D camera, ideal complement of the 3D display required to view the images (without glasses in addition). RIM has not wasted the week and know that it has acquired the company Dataviz, the creator of the Mobile Office suite “Documents to go”. Microsoft nor is ‘sleep on our laurels’, and this what we say because we know they are already testing your web application “My Phone” a useful page where we will be able Locate our lost or stolen Windows Phone 7.

Currently of the agents we know some news related to new PepePhone offerings. Vodafone has also released a few bonds called “My country” and has released the prices of handsets Samsung Galaxy 3 and HTC Wildfire. 4G connections they are just around the corner, and it shows in la, growing, fixation of the Spanish telephony operators, as it is the case of Telstra, to provide updates and upgrades of speed in their networks to adapt to the new times. Companies, by the way, have also shown their intention to support the model of the “flat rates” compared to the possible model of connections completely unlimited.

In the section on operating systems and updates, our flagship notices the appearance of new images of the meego mobile. We have also known that Sony Ericsson expected to update your Xperia X 10 to Android 2.1 at the end of the same month September. Samsung, on the other hand, would see his little interest for the future by the Symbian platform. And, finally, today we learned that the update to iOS 4.1 for the iPhone It was already clearly written in the Apple calendar, will be on Wednesday, September 8.

In terms of applications, we have known the appearance the famous Swype keyboard in terminals with Symbian ^ 1, the arrival of the famous game Angry Birds Android, an app called Free Memory Pro that will help to relieve a little the system of our iPhone and the presentation of the request by Skyfire Labs, to launch its popular browser Skyfire 2.0 on the iPhone App Store.

What you think you the best of the week?

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