Iphone 4 S-All Info and Articles

Once the top model is the cheapest iPhone iPhone 4s: also 2014, Apple has the Smartphone in its portfolio. The most important information about the model:

The iPhone 4S released in 2011. At that time, the Apple phone was the top model. Now therefore is no longer is at least as regards top hardware up to date. For most tasks, it is but still more than sufficient–and thus offers an affordable first step into the world of iPhone. In terms of software it is still at the forefront: as operating system runs iOS 7 with almost all features on the device. And even a compatibility with iOS 8 is given, although the publication is planned in the autumn of 2014. Then we will be on the iPhone 4S iOS 8 download and install can.

iPhone 4s with good Interior

By the disappointment of the bestseller-the start way to sketch the iPhone 4S. Because when Apple presented the successor of the popular iPhone 4 at PHOTIOnary, the enthusiasm was restrained: no new housing of an iPhone 5, but “only” a 4 s! Before the sales start put the disappointment, the new smartphone sold almost no other phone in the first days.

Reason: Apple has put externally largely on proven stainless (steel frame, display), “inner values” but still improved:

  • Performance: A5-chip, a Dual-core processor, makes significantly more powerful iPhone 4s in comparison to the iPhone 4. This is noticeable especially in compute-intensive games, video editing and image processing. In “Normal operation”, the chip provides for liquid handling and switching between the applications.
  • Camera: New optics and a larger aperture (f/2.4) with 8-megapixel sensor, the iPhone pulls sometimes with cheap digital cameras comparison. Many good apps allow serious image editing and cheap sensationalism-depending on your preference. The videos are in full HD resolution.
  • Siri: You may have with the language Assistant Siri start calls, set appointments and notes, write SMS, announce the weather and more-all by voice. Peculiarity is that Siri just a few commands responds to but understand sentences and interpret wants.
  • iOS 7: The current operating system are characterized by ease of use and stability. The functionality can be extended with hundreds of thousands of apps and phone calls you can still… Who wish to install but not approved apps, must perform a jailbreak–it is iPhone 4S (depending on the version of iOS) available for the.

Childhood disease: Some users initially had problems with Siri, the display and reception. The battery life is tested and found to average. With a few tricks, you can counteract something that is the iPhone battery won’t empty . Overall it is a good Smartphone, also compared with Android devices.

iPhone 4s in comparison with other smartphones

Our opinion regarding “iPhone 4S buy or not? ” is still mixed. Is it worth a look at comparisons with other generations of the Smartphone:

  • iPhone 4, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s compared
  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS compared

This is to keep in mind that the price has now significantly dropped but:

buy iPhone 4s: price

The iPhone 4S cost without a contract initially from 629 euro. Now it costs only 399 euro Apple store*-However, it provides only 8 GB memory.

  • iPhone 4S at Amazon (currently only around 295 euros!)*

Who has no current mobile phone contract, could get directly an iPhone with contract with them. But of course, the use of Cheap prepaid phone cards with the iPhone is possible.